R4 Diarrhea is meant to assist in cases of acute Gastro-enteritis and Diarrhea. It is a homeopathic remedy traditionally believed to relieve minor symptoms associated with Diarrhea.

Active ingredients:

Baptisia tinctoria (Wild indigo) 4X; Chamomilla (German Chamomile) 4X; Chininum arsenicosum (Quinine arsenite) 6X; Colocynthis (Colocynth) 6X; Ferrum phosphoricum (Ferrosoferric phosphate) 8X; Mercurius corrosivus (Mercuric chloride) 6X; Oleander (Rose laurel) 6X; Phosphoricum acidum (Phosphoric acid) 3X; Rhus toxicodendron (Poison oak) 4X; Veratrum album (White hellebore) 6X.

Inactive ingredients: 37 vol.-% alcohol, distilled water.

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