3 Steps to Restore Cervical Health Naturally in 2020

  • September 5, 2018
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Cervix is at the bottom of the uterus, where the uterus narrows to a neck-like passage in the female reproductive system, opening into the vagina. This organ plays an important role in maintaining our overall health and vitality, and we must not ignore any warning signs that our body tells us.

There are numerous cervical issues right from cervical inflammation to cervical cancer, which may or may not show any symptoms early on. Women should get regular check-ups done, as progress is better if it is diagnosed at an early stage. There may be symptoms such as:

  • vaginal bleeding,
  • unusual vaginal discharge,
  • pain in vaginal region and
  • pain during or after intercourse in few cases.

Some conditions are normal; however, most others need to be addressed at the proper time. It is important to not feel shy or embarrassed about it, and open up with a physician regarding any nagging doubts.

Visit a physician for a proper diagnosis. You may also contact one of our doctors for free consultation. Click here to consult

Cervical cancer is the most undesirable cervix condition among all the cervical issues. Cancer begins when the body cells grow abnormally. Every cell in the body has the potential to develop into a cancer. Cervical cancer is a disease in which cancer (malignant) cells are formed on the tissues of the cervix.

Conventional Treatment Options

Well, it’s 2018 and we’re still struggling to find a perfect cure! Conventional treatment depends upon the cervix problem and stage in the case of cancer. Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation are the most common treatments for cervical cancer. It is extremely important to discuss all of your treatment options, including their goals and possible side effects, with your physicians to help make the decisions that best fit your needs.

Complementary Methods to Restore Cervical Health

We, at Biogetica, suggest a holistic approach to gain back the normal cervix health your body was blessed with. This complimentary, yet holistic approach comprises of 3 steps, as shown in the picture.

  1. Cleanse your system
  1. No unhealthy foods: Dietary changes are hard to make for some people. Yes, we don’t like it when we are asked to give up our favorite desserts and fast-food meals. And yet, if you want to cleanse your system inside out, it all starts with your digestive system. Be kind to your guts; don’t over-burden them with foods loaded with sugars, salt spices. Nutritionally-void foods may fill your stomach, but will not give your immune system the nutrients it needs to function properly and protect you from disease. To maintain a strong, healthy immune system, you must eat a wholesome diet. This means slowly weaning off processed food.
  2. Reduce exposure to toxins: Toxins, in the form of chemicals, have become a part of our daily life. Think of the number of products we use in our daily life that are store-bought and contain chemicals whose names we can’t even pronounce! Toothpastes, shampoos, deodorants, cosmetics, floor cleaners – all these products can contain chemicals that your system might be sensitive to. While we don’t mean stop brushing from tomorrow, we imply that we must use organic and natural products as much as we can.
  1. Normalize your system

  1. Workout
    Workout such as walking, swimming or cycling helps in improving the functioning of lungs and heart and also helps in boosting the immune system. Try working out for at least 30- 40 minutes every day. Yoga techniques also would be very helpful.
    You can practice the yoga pose given here to improve the functioning of the reproductive system and tone the uterine muscles. It helps to strengthen your pelvic region including thighs and buttocks.

    Naukasana – The Boat Pose
    Here are the steps:
    – Lie on your back with hands close to the body and feet together
    – Take a deep breath and lift up your chest and feet from the ground while stretching your arms towards your feet, as you exhale. Your eyes, fingers and toes should be in one line. You will feel the tension in your navel region.
    – Continue taking deep breaths and hold this pose for few seconds. Exhale slowly and bring your body back to the ground and relax. Repeat this only 3-4 times. It is advised not to overdo this exercise.
  2. Reduce Stress

    Stress traps a person in a vicious cycle as it causes a disease, which results in more stress, thereby worsening the disease. If you have a difficult issue with your cervix, you might not be able to stop worrying about it. We, at Biogetica, would like to support you in this delicate phase. You can always reach out to our physicians to avail support. Feel free to talk to us and share your concerns. We are non-judgmental, and always put people before profits. Try to distract your worrisome mind by meditating or doing yoga and deep breathing techniques. Do things that calm your mind and relieve stress. Be it spending more time with your pet, or buying that book you wanted to read ever since. Listen to soothing music, and try sharing your feelings with a friend.

  1. Boost your system
  1. The following herbs are proven to support your cervical health and boost the immunity system:
  • Hypericum mysorense

Studies suggest that hypericum mysorence may directly interfere with the replication of the viral cells, blocking their release and leading to their inhibition. Thus they may boost the immune system.




  • Monolaurin

Monolaurin is a derivative of Lauric acid and studies on monolaurin suggest to prevent replication and it dissolves viral envelopes, which makes the infective agent more vulnerable to the immune system.




  • Curcuma longa

Studies suggest that curcuma longa may help improve the skin functioning and immune system.





  • Nigella sativa (Black seed oil)

Studies suggest that nigella sativa, more commonly known as the black seed oil, may possess immune-modulatory and immune-therapeutic properties.





Natural alternative options include remedies made with ayurvedic herbs, homeopathic combinations and dietary supplements such as Hypericum mysorense, HP DSPL formula, echinacea and monolaurin which help to empower the immune function within the body and support the normal structure and function of cervical cells.

  1. Healthy Foods

A strong immune system starts with a healthy diet. When choosing to augment your body in fighting the infection, food and environmental lifestyle changes are integral to the recovery process. Cruciferous vegetables contains beta-carotene and folic acid which help to empower your body. They also contain Vitamin C which is the ultimate immune booster. Antioxidants and vitamins are also present in them which will enable your system to fight the disease and strengthen your immunity. Consume nutrient-dense foods such as organic vegetables, fruits, beans, seeds, nuts, and healthy fats such as coconut oil and olive oil.

Your health is your most important asset. Invest in good health. Trying herbal and natural products can bring the balance back and help to restore your health naturally. Biogetica has developed numerous products after painstaking research and efforts to ensure you get the best quality. You can get more information on our entire range of products and consult with our doctors for free at www.biogetica.com.

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