9 Natural Ways to Treat Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

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Do you have hay fever? Hay fever is usually worse between late March and September, especially when it’s warm, humid and windy. This is when the pollen count is at its highest. Read on to find out more about the causes, symptoms and natural remedies for hayfever.

What Is Hay Fever?

An Allergy is a reaction of your immune system to an allergen. Common allergens may include pollen, cat hair, dust, smog, eggs, dairy product, gluten, seafood, mustard, etc. These allergens may not be harmful to your body, but the immune system becomes weak when exposed to them.

Hay fever is one such allergic condition of the respiratory tract usually caused due to allergens such as pollen, dust, etc. It happens due to the body’s immune system over-reacting to the allergen.

It is a common condition, affecting individuals and is most prevalent in the months of May and June when the pollen count is highest.

Causes Of Hay Fever

Hay fever is also called an allergic condition, may cause cold-like signs and symptoms. These symptoms include running nose, itchy eyes, congestion, sneezing and sinus pressure. Cold may be caused by a viral infection, but hay fever isn’t caused by a virus. Hay fever is caused by an allergic response to outdoor or indoor allergens, such as pollen, dust, or tiny flecks of skin and saliva shed by cats, dogs and other animals with fur or feathers.

Besides making you discomfort; hay fever can affect your performance at work or school and generally your routine life. You can learn to avoid triggers that may aggravate your condition and find the right treatment.

Risk Factors For Developing Hay Fever

The following can increase your risk of developing hay fever:

Signs and Symptoms of Hay Fever

Hay fever signs and symptoms can include:

 Seasonal Factors That Cause Hay Fever

Your hay fever signs and symptoms may start or worsen during a particular time of year. Triggers are:

  • Tree pollen, common during early spring.
  • Ragweed pollen, that is common during the fall season.
  • Grass pollen, which is common in summer and spring.
  • Mites, dander from pets and cockroaches can be bothersome round the year. Symptoms caused by dander might worsen in winter, due to closed houses.
  • Spores from moulds and fungi may be seasonal or perennial.

 Diagnosis Of Hay Fever

Hay fever has many symptoms such as stuffed nose, itchy eyes, and allergic reactions similar to the common cold. The doctor will take your detailed medical history and examine the patient to look out for various signs. The doctor may suggest an allergy skin test to determine the exact allergen. In this test, a small number of allergens are pricked into the skin and skin is observed for reactions to evaluate the exact allergens. A blood test also can be suggested to measure the number of immunoglobulin antibodies that indicate presence of an allergy.

Complications of Hay Fever

Problems that may be associated with hay fever may include:

  • Inadequate sleep: Symptoms of Hay fever can keep you awake or make it hard to stay asleep. This may in turn cause fatigue and a general feeling of being unwell (malaise).
  • Unhealthy lifestyle: Hay fever can affect your enjoyment of activities and cause you to be less productive. For many people, suffering from hay fever symptoms may lead to absences from work or school.
  • Sinusitis: Chronic sinusitis congestion due to hay fever may increase your susceptibility to sinusitis — an infection or inflammation of the membrane that lines the sinuses.
  • Ear infection: In children, hay fever often is a factor in middle ear infection (otitis media).
  • Aggravated asthma: Hay fever can worsen the signs and symptoms of asthma. These signs and symptoms of asthma include coughing and wheezing.

 Natural Ways to Treat Seasonal Allergy Symptom:

  1. Avoid Seasonal allergens

The first effective way to treat allergy or hay fever is to avoid seasonal allergens like checking the weather networks for forecasts on pollen and try to stay indoors during high pollen forecasts. Also, you must note the particular times of the year when hay fever is usually active. Take precautions like keeping windows closed, limiting the time you spend outdoors or wear a face mask for protection against dust at such times.

  1. Avoid Smoking

Smoking may aggravate many conditions. Thus, cigarette smoking should be avoided as it may aggravate hay fever symptoms.

  1. Have Biotin

Biotin has Vitamin B that helps to maintain the immune system and healthy function of the mucous membranes which line the throat, nose and sinusitis. Include egg yolk, avocado, nuts, green leafy vegetables and fish in your diet.

  1. Honey

Honey can help your body to form a certain amount of tolerance levels naturally. Researches have also indicated that consuming local honey may help to restrict the effects of hay fever.

  1. Vitamin D

The deficiency of this sunshine vitamin may interfere with your immune system and may cause the development of autoimmune disorders, hay fever and allergies. Vitamin D may help to support healthy gut bacteria, thus spend some time in the sunlight early morning to get an adequate amount of Vitamin D.

  1. Garlic

Garlic is one of the super spices that help prevent histamine production and reduce symptoms of hay fever or allergies. Thus, you must try to include garlic in your daily meals.

  1. Probiotics May Help

Probiotics are essential for maintaining a strong immune system. You must consume probiotics every day to replenish your gut flora. You may also try consuming yogurt every day.

  1. Herbal Tea

Natural herbs like chamomile, ginger, green tea, peppermint, elderflower, etc. are known to possess a natural antihistamine effect. These herbs will not only address hay fever and allergy but also keep you well-hydrated.

  1. Supplements

There are natural supplements that may help boost your immune system and help in detox processes.
Complementary systems of medicine that consist of Ayurveda, homeopathy, and dietary supplements aim to address the root cause of hay fever. Hay fever is caused due to weakening of the immune system. Natural sciences are believed to support the normal functioning of the body processes and help to boost your immune system.

Natural ingredients Tinospora Cordifolia (Guduchi), Boswellia Serrata and Curcuma Longa have shown tremendous effects in clinical studies on hay fever. Some of the clinical studies are mentioned below:

  • Tinospora Cordifolia (Guduchi): Studies suggest that tinospora cordifolia may help to improve respiratory function. [1]
  • Curcuma Longa: Studies indicate that curcuma longa is safe and effective in improving the function of respiratory system and may enhance immune healthy. [2]

Biogetica combines all the above natural ingredients to target hay fever as a whole and from its root cause so that effects can be long-lasting. All of the Biogetica formulations have traditional use of clinical tests from the natural system of medicine such as Homeopathy, supplements, and Ayurveda and are supported by modern research and trials. If you want to know the natural, safe and effective natural way to address hay fever or consult a doctor for free, please click on the link https://www.biogetica.com/how-to-find-natural-hay-fever-symtoms-relief-remedies-treatments-cure
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