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How does a person develop ADHD? Are they born with it? What exactly causes it?
These were the questions that knocked me down when my child was diagnosed with ADHD.
This blog is here to answer all these questions.

ADHD or Attention deficiency hyperactivity disorder is a common disorder seen especially among young children. It usually manifests as restlessness, hyperactivity and inability to concentrate for longer period of time

It usually affects children and most of them conquer it by the time they grow up. But, not all are so lucky. It can persist into adulthood.
What then are the causes of it? In most cases, it is hereditary. It can also be caused due to exposure to toxins while in the womb or at an early age.

Treatment of ADHD has to be holistic in nature. Medications hardly have any role to play. What is of utmost importance is counseling. This has to be for the whole family because the family needs to understand the problem first, only then they are in a position to handle such children. This can be extended to the teacher at school who can help the child as well.

Parents should join support groups where you can exchange your experiences with different treatment modes and help each other.
Herbal remedies are traditionally believed to help a great extent in improving the attention span of an individual. They help them in focusing better and improve their judgment.
These natural products can be taken for a longer period of time to get effective results.

In the end, it’s all about staying focused and balanced in action and thought. This is possible for each one of us with a little help and support.
Anybody who has suffered from ADHD or has a family member affected by it, please share your experiences here.

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