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It is part of human nature to want to look good and hair is an essential part of it. Hair is supposed to be the crowning glory, at least for women. Therefore, alopecia or hair loss can give sleepless nights to anybody.

We all suffer from hair loss some time in our life. It usually starts with thinning of hair along the crown and sometimes in the frontal scalp.

Our hair makes up our whole appearance and hence any sign of thinning of hair or hair loss should be attended to immediately. Most of the times it is self limiting or due to an underlying cause which can be taken care of.

Make sure hair is not exposed to direct sunlight. Try and analyze the underlying cause which in many cases is acute stress.

Herbal remedies work best in cases of alopecia.

Whatever therapy you resort to it should be a holistic cure for alopecia. Just treating the external symptoms of hair loss does not help. Alopecia cure should begin from within and move outwards.

If you have suffered from Alopecia and have something to share, do drop a line here.

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