Are you Suffering from Gonorrhoea? 5 Effective Methods to Address it Naturally

  • June 12, 2019
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Did you know that many patients suffering from Gonorrhoea stay asymptomatic for years..? Yes, it’s true! Many people are not even aware that they have been infected; this increases the chances of them infecting it to others. However, in few patients, Gonorrhoea shows signs and symptoms such as discomfort, which can sometimes be associated with pain in urethra, mucopurulent discharge, frequent urination, sometimes burning while urinating accompanied by headache, malaise, tachycardia, and pyrexia.

Over the years, Gonorrhoea has taken many forms and the strains that people acquire today are different from those that people acquired 10 years ago. Due to its fast spread, Gonorrhoea has become resistant to most of the antibiotics that we have used to combat it over the last three decades. However, it is important to know that one should never ignore these symptoms and get it diagnosed and addressed at the earliest. If left untreated, it can potentially destroy your reproductive organs, cause infertility, and even spread to other organs of your body causing irreversible damage or become life-threatening. Thus, addressing Gonorrhoea early became very necessary. Click here for a free consultation with one of our doctors right now..!

Conventional treatment includes giving antibiotics, which reduce the symptoms temporarily; but have a host of side-effects. Thus, addressing it naturally becomes important to target the root cause. I am sure you wish to know all about this, so let’s discuss the 5 ways to address Gonorrhoea naturally.

  1. What you Eat or Drink is Important:

It is very correctly said, “You are what you eat”. Try having foods that are rich in anti-oxidants and help to detoxify, as these will help to cleanse your body and boost your immune system.

  • You may have more of Sugarcane juice, Milk, Raisins, Watermelon, Muskmelon, Blueberries, Cranberries, Pineapple, Cucumber, Pumpkin, Barley and Rice.
  • Include more probiotics in your daily regimen; Yogurt is one of the best Probiotics.
  • Vitamin A and Zinc rich foods; especially  Spinach, Carrot, Basil, Coriander, Asparagus, Dandelion, Papayas, Chicory, Lettuces, Celery, Cauliflowers, Apples, Oats, Cashews, Avocados, Peaches, Peas, Lentils, Peaches, Almonds, Radishes, Pears and Sweet potatoes.
  • Limit the use of Lean meat, Poultry, Fish, Eggs, Millet, Nuts and seeds, Lentils, Beans, Fermented soy and foods rich in gluten.
  • Have at least 2-3 liters of Water every day to keep yourself well hydrated.
  • Avoid Alcohol, Tobacco, Tea, Coffee or Beverages with Caffeine as these are known to irritate the bladder and worsen inflammation and pain in the bladder.
    Contact our Homeopathy doctor and Nutritionist for personalized diet right away..!
  1. Meditation or Yoga for Reducing Stress:

Stress is known to be the root cause for aggravation of almost all the body conditions. It is difficult to expect a speedy recovery if you are stressed. Thus, start doing meditation or yoga or deep breathing to calm your mind.

  1. Stay Active: 

Doing exercises or engaging in activities such as sports, cycling, trekking or adventure sports may help to improve the oxygen carrying capacity of your lungs, improve the blood circulation, relax the mind and help to boost the immune system.

  1. Engage in Your Hobbies: 

Hobbies are generally thought for people with a relaxed, quiet and sedentary life. However, people with busy, stressed and hectic lifestyle may need hobbies more than any average person. Hobbies can be anything ranging from music, dance, traveling, reading, writing, teaching, craft, cooking, painting, knitting, etc.  Hobbies provide many health benefits, which make them more than worth the time they require. Engaging in your hobbies is known as diversion therapy or positive psychology. Psychologists and experts suggest that engaging in hobbies help to provide “Eustress”, the healthy kind of stress that we all need to remain feeling excited about life. This diverts your mind into constructive thinking, feeling satisfied and happy, which will aid to speed the recovery process.

  1. Natural Herbs & Supplements:

Along with proper lifestyle and eating habits, proper supplements to boost the immune system are necessary. Biogetica has designed multi-disciplinary kits and formulations by combining Traditional Ayurveda, Dietary supplements and Resonance Homeopathy. These products are believed to give a boost to your immune system, enabling it to fight back naturally. Contact one of our doctors now for knowing more!!!

We have listed a few of our Immune Boost Products below:

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