Bronchitis refers to an inflammation of the air passages within your lungs.

The first sign of bronchitis is cough which is a reflexive action that works to clear secretions from the lungs.
Bronchitis can affect both children and adults. It can be acute or chronic.
Acute bronchitis causes fever and cough which usually resolve within a few days. Chronic bronchitis may persist for many months and can be quite debilitating.
Bronchitis is usually caused due to an infection; however, chronic bronchitis is commonly seen in smokers and people exposed to smoke.
On an average, symptoms last for 3 weeks with or without antibiotics.

What needs attention is the cough. The lungs have to be clear of the phlegm which can lead to asthma or pneumonia.

Antibiotics are not of much help according to various studies conducted.

Herbal products are traditionally believed to provide a lot of relief in the acute and chronic stages of the condition. The natural herbs are believed to have mucolytic properties which liquefy the phlegm and it is easily expelled.

It is always better to adopt a holistic approach in curing bronchitis to get faster and long lasting results.

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