Can AHCC help in Eradication of HPV?

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Human Papilloma virus or HPV is a very common STD, estimated to infect nearly 70% of sexually active adults at some point in their lives.  However, not everyone develops symptoms of the infection; since those with a proper functioning immune system often clear the virus within two years of the initial infection. But, in those who are immunocompromised, the virus thrives and proliferates causing genital warts and cervical cancer. In fact, more than 99 percent of cervical cancer cases are due to a HPV infection.

How does the Virus work?

The HPV works in 2 ways. On entering the body, it firstly inhabits the skin and the cells lining the body cavities. Throughout the infection, the virus causes abnormal cell division with new virus particles being formed in these cells. At times, the virus damages the cells’ DNA leading to cancerous growths. Secondly it attacks the innate immune system by interrupting immune cell activity.

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Treatment Options for HPV

Conventional medicine options are limited to surgically removing pre-cancerous and cancerous cells and/or chemically removing the warts. Of course, it is apparent that they are neither stopping the virus nor boosting the body’s immunity.

Breakthrough research has found that treatment of HPV may be possibly contained by using a nutritional supplement prepared from the extracts of the Japanese Shiitake mushrooms called Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC).

AHCC is an alpha-glucan rich nutritional supplement extracted from the hybridized mycelia of Shiitake belonging to the Basidiomycete family of mushrooms. These mushrooms have been used for many years for their healing properties in Asian medicine, especially in Japan. AHCC is believed to strengthen the body’s natural immune response by increasing the number and activity of the cells that help fight infection and inhibits abnormal cell multiplication.

Preliminary research results (conducted by The University of Texas Health Science Center Medical School and led by Judith Smith- PharmD) have indicated that AHCC may potentially eradicate the virus. Out of the ten HPV-positive women that were enrolled in the trial, half the group  achieved a negative HPV test result within weeks to months of taking AHCC, with 3 showing complete remission. The participants consumed 3 grams of AHCC capsules, on an empty stomach, daily for five months and were screened for the HPV virus every 30 days during the trial.

The phase 2 trial on AHCC in eliminating HPV is currently ongoing and is probably set to be completed in July -2017.

Since, your immune system is the main defense mechanism of your body, it is vital that it functions optimally to stop the HPV virus in its tracks and AHCC is expected to boost your immunity to help fight the infection.

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