Who amongst us would want to wake up one morning having double vision or blurred vision? But, this is a reality most of us have to live with at some point in our life. We get such symptoms when the lens in the eye gets clouded. This happens inevitably with aging. A halo appears around objects and one needs more light to read than before.


Cataract usually runs in families. Besides that other factors which predispose to development of cataract are exposure to sun, diabetes, smoking, alcohol and certain drugs.

Once it develops, there is not much option for treatment other than surgery.

However, one can delay the development of cataract by avoiding the causative factors. Herbal products remedies also help in doing so. Certain eye drops made from traditional herbs that are believed to help in supporting the normal structure and functions of eyes.

Let’s all get together in sharing our experiences and preserving one of the biggest gifts of life – Vision.

Everybody please share your thoughts and experiences with Cataract in this forum.

Our Range of Natural products for Cataract

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