• November 6, 2012
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Dementia or loss of memory is something we all dread and hope that it never happens to us. But then that is something we don’t have much control over. It can strike any one of us as we age.

It usually starts with difficulty in concentrating and clouding of thoughts. There are gaps in memory when recollecting recent events and names of people and places. People affected by it forget where they have kept things and keep looking for it everywhere all the time.

Gradually it starts affecting other activities also. They forget whether they have had their meals or no. They keep questioning a lot as they just don’t seem to remember anything.

At this stage, it becomes very difficult to handle the affected individual. It needs a lot of patience and care to deal with such patients.

There is nothing by way of medication that conventional medicine has to offer.

A care taker may have to be appointed to look after such people because they need to be looked after 24×7.

There are many centers for patients suffering from such conditions. The care takers take good care of these patients.

We suggest all those who are suffering from dementia to try natural herbal products for the same. You have nothing to lose.

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