Do you know How and Why Scabies occurs?

  • September 10, 2019
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Scabies is a treacherous skin ailment. The causative agent of this horrible skin condition is a mite called Sarcoptes scabiei. It is highly contagious and spreads quickly. The mite quickly burrows deep into the skin to lay eggs. Intense itching occurs immediately after and symptoms are seen to heighten at night.

How scabies occurs?

The mite responsible for causing scabies is microscopic. The female mite enters the skin and burrows deep into the skin to lay eggs. The eggs hatch and the larvae start maturing on the surface of the skin and spread to the other parts of the skin. The affected person starts getting an itch over a month after getting an infection. There is an allergic reaction to the mites and the immune system becomes compromised. The infection spreads by close physical contact or sharing clothing and bedding with the infected individual.

  • There are different species of mites that affect animals and humans. Humans may get infected with the animal scabies mite for a short period of time.
  • People also get infected in nursing homes, child care centers, and health care facilities.
  • The mites can also be transmitted sexually from an infected person to a healthy person.
  • Pets are also a source of transmitting the infection in humans.

Why scabies occurs?

Scabies is mainly transmitted by direct skin to skin contact. Young children and older adults are more susceptible to get infected due to a weak immune system. Infants and children are more vulnerable to infection from direct physical contact with the other children or adults at home. Elderly people can get infected in nursing homes. In adults, transmission occurs through sexual contact.


Important symptoms of scabies include the following:

  • Severe itching occurs that become worse at night
  • Irregular burrow tracks made of small blisters are formed on the skin. The tracks are usually formed in the folds of skin, though any part of the body may be involved.

Treatment options

Conventional treatment of scabies offers a variety of topical ointments including harmful ingredients such as permethrin, Malathion, crotamiton, and benzyl benzoate. The doctor may prescribe an oral antiparasitic drug which may produce a host of side effects. Permethrin is believed to produce tingling and burning sensation and can cause pruritis.

Complementary therapies

Complementary therapies include advanced alternative therapies such as homeopathic formulations, traditional herbs, and nutritional supplements. Such natural therapies work in accordance with nature and help to restore the imbalance caused by different factors. Natural therapies work by boosting up your immune system and restoring normal skin structure.

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