Homeopathic Alternatives for High Blood Pressure

  • July 6, 2020
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A force is exerted when blood is pushed into the blood vessels. This force gives the measure of blood pressure. When a person is said to have high blood pressure, it means that the heart has to work hard to pump the blood to other parts of the body. It may become a life-threatening condition if not treated properly. Many times people make changes in their lifestyle and diet to control blood pressure. In chronic cases, people start taking conventional remedies that produce more damage to the blood vessels and produce other complications because they do not address the root cause. When the heart has to work hard to pump the blood to other body parts, it causes hardening of the arteries. This also causes a restricted flow of blood to the other body parts and to the heart itself. High blood pressure may be caused by different reasons and it is necessary to determine the root cause to get the right treatment. 

High blood pressure may be of two different types. Essential hypertension occurs when no cause is known and secondary hypertension is a condition when the cause is known. Some risk factors increase the risk of high blood pressure.

High blood pressure causes

The cause of high blood pressure may be different in different people. Some important high blood pressure causeare:

  • Smoking increases the risk of hypertension. It is common in smokers.
  • Obesity is another risk factor that can lead to high blood pressure. 
  • Lack of exercise and sedentary life is another cause of high blood pressure. 
  • People who eat excessive salt and spicy food can also suffer from hypertension
  • It is more common in adults due to the stress of life.
  • Alcohol intake also increases the risk of heart diseases and high blood pressure is one of them. 
  • Heredity plays an important role in causing high blood pressure. It runs in families and is commonly found in people of the same family. 
  • Other chronic diseases such as kidney disorders, diabetes, thyroid disorders also increase the risk of high blood pressure.
  • Lack of sleep and improper diet are also risk factors because lack of sleep can produce mental stress and can lead to high blood pressure. 

Symptoms of high blood pressure

There are some definite symptoms of high blood pressure. It is important to determine the symptoms of high blood pressure for a definite diagnosis. Some of the important symptoms that are associated with high blood pressure are:

  • A person having high blood pressure will experience heaviness in the head.
  • There may pain in the eyes that may extend to temples
  • Some people also complain of nausea and vomiting when there is a chronic problem
  • Eyes of a person may appear red due to increased pressure in the arteries. 
  • Shooting and stitching pain may occur in the chest on the left side. It may also extend to the arms. 
  • There is a feeling of numbness in hands and feet due to reduced supply of blood
  • Cold sweat occurs on the body due to the difficult pumping action of the heart. 

Treatment for high blood pressure

In the conventional system, different drugs are prescribed without addressing the underlying cause. These drugs may produce many side effects rather than producing any good results. Holistic doctors often mention hypertension treatments as a prime example of how conventional treatments are short-sighted in their approach and thinking. The body increases blood pressure as blood is not able to reach the kidneys and liver. Conventional treatments do not address the root cause but lower blood pressure and this leads to increased risk of organ failure over time. Furthermore, very few doctors know that BP drugs made from herbs and homeopathies have shown efficacy in improving blood circulation and functioning of the heart without producing any side effects. These natural therapies, however, can only be offered as a supplement for circulatory health.

Biogetica offers natural homeopathic ingredients that help to support the normal structure and functioning of the circulatory system. You can click on www.biogetica.com to consult with a doctor for free. 

Many homeopathic remedies have been studied for improving heart health. Below is a list of a few that have been found after studying all possibilities and the latest research available. Each countries law on natural medicine is different and therefore we cannot claim a hypertension cure or treatment.

Belladonna: Studies suggest that this homeopathic remedy may support the normal structure and function of the circulatory system when concerned with fluctuating blood pressure.


Glonoine: Studies suggest that this resonance homeopathic remedy may benefit normal structure and function when concerned with the circulatory system and blood vessels.


Rauwolfia Serpentina: Studies suggest that this resonance homeopathic remedy may benefit normal structure and function when concerned with the root causes of raised blood pressure.


Crataegus Oxyacantha: Studies suggest that this resonance homeopathic remedy may help to support the normal structure and function of the circulatory system.


Tips for lowering blood pressure

A few tips are given here that can help to regulate blood flow in the body.

  • The most important thing is to reduce salt and increase the intake of water. Water helps in detoxification and removal of excess salts from the body. 
  • Exercise is important to regulate blood pressure. One should start some yoga exercises or meditation to support the functioning of the circulatory system and regulate blood pressure. 
  • Smoking and alcohol should be completely avoided.
  • Adequate sleep is necessary for the proper functioning of the body.
  • Avoid spicy and oily food and preservatives
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