How does HPV affect your Sex life?

  • March 17, 2020
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Did you know, that you were at risk of contracting HPV even if you had sex just once in your life..? Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections in the USA. There is no known cure for this virus. It is a common cause of cervical cancer in women. Thus, there is a lot written about its physical complications but seldom do they write about its emotional and personal impact on the patient’s life.


Statistics state that around 80 percent of sexually active people get infected with HPV during their lifetime. Nearly 80 million people are infected in the USA alone and about 14 million newly infected cases get reported every year. These are the reported cases; the count is much more when you think about all the unreported cases. Due to the stigma attached to it, not all of those people are quick to tell others about their diagnosis. The guilt and embarrassment may force some people to hide their diagnosis even from their partners or family or avoid seeking proper treatment or get screened or tested regularly. Believe us, this will merely lead to making the issue worse. Thus, communicate about this with your partner, as family support would add to your recovery numerously. Be open, communicative, positive and let go of the need to be “right” is powerful. Your partner may take some time to captivate the situation and process what it means for your future together. Give your partner and yourself a positive chance to correct things, have patience and express how important your partner is to you. If needed, get your partner screened too. Acceptance of reality will also help in the right way.



HPV should never be ignored as it can be easily passed on and it may greatly increase the chances of causing Cancer. The thought of infecting a lover or child with HPV puts a huge amount of stress on those that are infected, and stress, in turn, increases the chances of having symptoms and infecting another person! Hence, having HPV is a vicious downward spiral that many wish to end immediately.




We should know that, once a person is infected with HPV, the virus stays in the person’s body throughout life. Thus, it is said that there’s no treatment for the HPV virus. Conventional medicines include anti-virals which provide temporary relief or may suppress the infection.  However, we can boost our immune system with the help of natural supplements in order to keep the virus in control. The following herbs and supplements may help:

  1. Hypericum Mysorense






Studies suggested that the hypericum mysorence may directly interfere with the replication of the viral cells, blocking their release leading to their inhibition and boost the immune system.1


2. Monolaurin








Monolaurin is a derivative of Lauric acid and studies on monolaurin suggested to prevent replication and it dissolves viral envelopes, which makes the infective agent more vulnerable to the immune system.


3. Nigella sativa (Black seed oil)






Studies suggested that nigella sativa, more commonly known as the black seed oil may possess immune-modulatory and immunotherapeutic properties.


Biogetica has combined Natural alternative options that include supplements made with ayurvedic herbs, homeopathic combinations and dietary supplements such as Hypericum mysorense, HP DSPL formula, echinacea, and monolaurin [Add link – ] which help to empower the immune function within the body and support the normal structure and function of cervical cells. You can get more information on our entire range of products and consult with our doctors for free at















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