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Did you know that the Human Papillomavirus can cause serious health issues, such as warts and even cancer? Learn more about HPV, and how natural remedies can help cure HPV.

What is HPV

The Human Papillomavirus is a double-stranded, small DNA virus. It is the most commonly transmitted sexually transmitted disease in the world. About 20 million Americans aged between 15 and 49 are infected by HPV. Each year, approximately 6.2 million new cases are reported. This ratio suggests that approximately 50% of sexually-active males will develop genital HPV in their lifetime and that about 80% or more of women will be infected by the time they reach the age of fifty.

HPV strains are found in almost 120 different types. It has been estimated that 40 of these types affect the anogenital area. HPV virus can also be found in the esophagus and mouth.

Classification of HPV

HPV strains are Classified into high-risk and low-risk. HPV strains with high risk include 16, 18, 31, 35, and 39. 45, 50. 51. 52. 53. 56. 58. 59. 68. 73. 82. These high-risk strains are more likely to cause a persistent infection. These viruses can also cause invasive cancers of the vulva (vulvar dysplasia), cervix (cervix dysplasia), vagina, penis, and anus. Men’s penis and anus are more susceptible to malignant cancers than the cervix. HPV is therefore more common in women. Low-risk HPV strains are 6, 11, 40,42,43,44,54,61,70,72,81, which cause genital dysplasia and warts.

HPV Causes and Risk Factors

HPV is the leading sexually transmitted infection. It affects between 75% and 80% of all people. HPV has not been studied in men as much as it has in women. HPV is more prevalent in women than in men. Despite the fact that a significant portion of the population has HPV, only 1% develops genital warts.

In the first five years after starting to be sexually active, people have a greater risk of becoming infected by HPV. The risk of HPV is reduced by circumcision. The HPV virus can be found in men in places that are not covered with a condom. This means there is still a chance of the virus spreading even if you use condoms. The use of condoms will not prevent HPV infection. People with HIV and those who are immunocompromised are also at higher risk for HPV infection.

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Symptoms of HPV in Men

The Signs and Symptoms of HPV can vary depending on the strain of the virus that an individual has. HPV infection can be classified into three types: latent, visible clinical, and subclinical. A visible clinical infection is a cancer. The majority of HPV infections do not manifest and are asymptomatic. Latent infections may become active when immunity drops. Even in the latent stage, an infection can spread to another person.

HPV Signs and Symptoms Include

Genital warts

HPV infection is characterized most commonly by benign epithelial tumors (condylomata) or genital warts in men. Men are most likely to develop genital warts between the ages of 20-24. Every year, there are approximately 1 million new cases. Most genital warts are caused by strains 6 or 11. These strains are low-risk. Condylomata can be multifocal. Warts can be cauliflower-like, pedunculated, and usually moist, soft, and fleshy. In some cases, they may ooze, become pustular or even itch. Warts are most common in men’s penis. They can also appear around the corona genitalis, the testicles, the anus, the groin, the thighs, the tongue, or the top of the mouth.

Pre-Cancerous Lesions

Pre-cancerous affections can lead to invasive cancer. They are most commonly found in the genital area.

Upper Respiratory Tract Lesions

Certain HPV strains may affect the upper respiratory system and mouth. They can cause HPV symptoms, such as warts, on the tonsils, larynx, tongue, and buccal cavity. These warts can cause breathing problems and may require surgery.

Plantar Warts

They appear as cauliflower-like warts on the sole of your foot. When warts are cut, they may ooze blood from capillaries. Cuts and abrasions to the skin can transmit the virus that causes these warts.

Penile Cancer

The tissue of the penis can change, for example, in color, or by accumulating tissue. It may also thicken. Also, there can be sores and growths that are painful or not.

Cancer of the Throat

The cancer on the back part of the throat can cause a constant sore throat, ear pain, and continuous coughing. Other symptoms include a change in voice or hoarseness.

Diagnosis of HPV in Men

The doctor can diagnose HPV in men based on the medical history provided by the patient, and the clinical examination of affected parts by the doctor. The application of acetic to warts can cause them to become visible and fade, allowing for a more accurate diagnosis. For a more accurate diagnosis, a biopsy can be followed by a Histopathological Examination.

Complications of HPV Infection in Men

Even if HPV is not often detected, it can cause penile cancer. HPV should be treated as soon as possible in men.

Treatments for HPV in Men

Conventional Treatment for HPV

Treatments for HPV are based on its symptoms and signs. Conventional medicines are not able to cure HPV. They only suppress its symptoms temporarily. These drugs have severe side effects and should be used with caution. Moreover, HPV infection involves various strains. Resistant strains are therefore a serious medical issue. A strong immune system will be the best way to deal with HPV and other conditions.

Natural Treatments for HPV

Ayurveda and homeopathy are complementary systems of medicine. Dietary supplements and Ayurveda can be used to treat the HPV virus at its root. Cellulitis occurs when a virus infects the skin. The natural sciences can boost your immunity and support normal skin function.

Clinical studies have shown that the natural ingredients Curcuma Longa, Belladonna, and Emblica Officinalis had a tremendous effect on HPV. Below are some clinical studies:

  • Hypericum mysorense– A study suggested that hypericum may interfere directly with the replication and release of viral cells. This would inhibit them, as well as boost their immune system. [1]
  • Curcuma Longa– A study suggests that Curcuma can help increase your immunity power. [2]
  • Green tea Extract– Research shows that green tea helps support the normal function and structure of the immune system. [3]
  • Monolaurin– A study suggests that monolaurin can help boost your immunity. [4]

Biogetica uses all of the natural ingredients above to treat cellulitis holistically and at its source, ensuring long-lasting effects. Biogetica’s products are based on traditional clinical tests, such as Homeopathy and Ayurveda, but also modern research and testing.

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