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  • August 18, 2015
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Each body is unique and has a unique nutrient profile. This is not just a factor of intake, it is as much a factor of constitution, assimilation and absorption.

A Hair Indexing test analyzes your hair and gives unprecedented insight into your particular and unique situation and our Doctors are now able to pinpoint what exactly you need.

Without hair indexing people would be told, take anti-oxidants. With hair indexing we can now tell them which particular anti-oxidant amongst many they need.

The same applies for minerals, vitamins, electro magnetic radiation and a whole host of criteria which determine how you feel today and how you will feel tomorrow.

Biogetica is pleased to announce a partnership with Cell Wellbeing Ltd to bring state of the art hair indexing services to our global clients.

The German technology provides a unique interface for the collection and assessment of bio-information from hair or nails samples; from the results it creates a report with specific suggestions and priorities to help move people forward.

Once your report has been generated you will have a consultation on it with one of our Doctors via chat or phone. Foods and products specific to your individual health priorities will be offered and a separate report will be sent to you on these.

Visit our page on Hair Indexing to know more.

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