Kidney Stones

Having a kidney stone is not one of the moments of our lives we would like to remember. However, once you have been through it, it is difficult to forget the pain and suffering such a tiny stone could have caused.

How do these stones form is a question that bothers each one of us.

The most common stones are those formed of calcium oxalate. These are formed when there is an imbalance of salts and minerals in the body. The kidney is unable to flush them out in the required quantity and hence they accumulate in the kidney forming stones.

Stones cause severe pain when they get blocked in the kidney or bladder. The pain is unbearable and many a times requires hospitalization.

Diagnosis can be easily made by taking a plain X-ray.

Treatment depends on the size and location of the stone. There are surgical and non surgical procedures which aid in breakdown of the stones into fine particles that can be flushed out. This is not always successful though.

The best and most effective are natural products. These herbal formulations are traditionally recommended to support the Kidneys.. They can be taken for long period of time as they are relatively safe.

These should be combined with some dietary changes. Be careful of what you eat. Increase water intake to flush out excess deposits.

Such a holistic approach in addressing kidney stones will save you hundreds of dollars.

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