Managing BioActives

  • May 8, 2017
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One of the issues often faced by proponents of herbal medicine is the changing composition of active ingredients in a plant. Plants change daily, and insuring that they are potent when harvested is a complex task that involves both ancient and modern science.

Numerous factors in the growth cycle of the plant need to be managed and then verified by modern technologies that calculate the active ingredient in plant matter. For an ideal composition, plants must be grown in ideal soil and climate conditions in accordance with moon cycles. If the root is to be used the plant must be harvested on no moon dates. If the shoot is to be used, the plant should be harvested on full moon days. The water fed to these plants should be structured and archetypical in nature. Plants should also be grown in their original biotope to insure they receive the bio-field support of the forest they are used to.

We at Biogetica take great care to insure that the plants we use in our products are potent and pure. The agriculture facilities and forests we work with globally are renowned for their biodiversity. The forests and plantations pictured below are considered some of the most bio-diverse on the planet. It is these various factors that insure each batch of our products bears the potential to uplift lives globally. We have already verified with modern technology that all these factors of biodynamic and Siddha agriculture make a huge difference in the plants active ingredient profile and yet we test each batch of herbs individually to insure their potency. Curcuma Longa for example can contain anywhere from 30% to 95% curcumin and we standardise each batch to bring you the best we can bottle.

Do visit to learn more about our mission of bringing nature back to medicine!


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