Peptic ulcers are of 2 types: gastric and duodenal.

Gastric ulcers are less common as compared to duodenal.

The cause could be stress, bacterial infection with H. pylori, medications or dietary habits.

It can cause all sorts of signs and symptoms and therefore is misleading.

Most people suffering from it are not aware that they have an ulcer. They attribute the symptoms of heartburn to indigestion. It is only when they develop abdominal pain or some other severe manifestation that they realize the underlying cause.

Other symptoms include nausea, vomiting, weight loss and abdominal bloating.

It is of utmost importance to diagnose the condition correctly before starting any sort of treatment.

Age plays an important role in healing. Young people are cured faster.

Watch what you eat and reduce stress.

Though they heal on their own, you shouldn’t ignore the warning signs.

Do not let ulcers hold you down from living a good life.

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