Scabies Management in Homeopathy

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Scabies is a highly contagious ectoparasitic skin infection with the sarcoptes scabiei mite. It spreads through skin contact via both sexual and asexual contact, and also as fomites in some cases. It affects people of all age groups, races, gender, and geographic distribution is global. The sarcoptes scabiei mite is known to enter the skin to form burrows and lay eggs; the body’s immune system becomes highly weakened. Its symptoms usually start appearing after a month of getting an infection and may lead to severe infestations if it is left untreated. Thus, Scabies should be addressed as soon as it is detected.

How does Scabies spread?

Scabies can spread by personal contact especially while:

  • Shaking hands with an infected person
  • Sharing clothes, towel, and bedding
  • Found where people are crowded together such as school children, family, roommates, and sexual partners.
  • Standing too close to the infected person

Symptoms of Scabies 

It takes up to 6 weeks to develop symptoms of scabies after the exposure. However, the symptoms may develop within several days in people who have been previously infected.

A person suffering from scabies has the following symptoms:

  • Itching which aggravates mainly at night
  • Scratching that causes sores
  • Little bumps may develop that look like hives/ urticaria 
  • The crust may form on your skin due to constant itching

An infected person can transmit scabies to another person even before developing symptoms. Itching can develop secondary to a hypersensitive reaction to the scabies mites and even their eggs and feces. Skin lesions like red papules are commonly seen on inter-digital web spaces, axillae, breasts in females, wrists, and genital areas in males.

General tips for Scabies

  • Maintain personal hygiene such as bathing every day.
  • Scrub intensively with soap and water while bathing.
  • Change clothes and bed linens of the infected person daily.
  • Clean the clothes and bed linens in hot water and dry it in the sun.
  • Dry the skin thoroughly after bathing.
  • Close contacts should also be taken care of.

 Treatment of Scabies

Conventional treatment for scabies consists of toxic chemicals like Permethrin and Benzene which kills the scabies mites. However, the fact to be understood is that these treatments are limited to only killing the mites present on the surface of your skin. These chemicals do much less to eliminate the eggs or reach the nits burrowed deep into your skin. Thus, you need to continue the treatment for several cycles until all the eggs are hatched. Still, it is not a permanent cure as it may relapse even if a single mite escapes the treatment. Moreover, these toxic chemicals are carcinogenic and associated with numerous side effects. These cannot be administered for a longer period.

Alternative Therapy for Scabies

Complementary natural care includes health sciences such as Ayurveda, Homeopathy, and Nutritional supplements that can give you a positive hope to lead a better life without any side effects. Natural ingredients like Azadirachta indica, karanja oil, and Sulphur have shown tremendous effects in clinical studies on the Scabies mite. To learn more about our groundbreaking products consult one of our Doctors at

Homeopathy is the best possible alternative to address Scabies

In a complementary system of health science, Homeopathy can offer one of the best possible management for Scabies as homeopathy focuses on treating the root cause of the problem. The line of action of homeopathic science does not limit merely on the external causes of the disease. Homeopathy recognizes the body, mind, and spirit as a whole. According to homeopathy, our body is in power to keep itself disease free naturally. However, when the immune system is deranged the body is unable to guide itself away from disease. Thus, homeopathy helps to restore the sick to health by balancing the vitality and improve the functioning of the corresponding organ. Once the vitality is restored and balanced, the body can get itself back to health naturally and without any side-effects. This is why homeopathic supplements are recommended in infinitesimal doses.

Let us go through revolutionary studies on homeopathic formulations:

  • Sulphur

Sulphur is a homeopathic remedy traditionally recommended for itchy skin infections due to its natural germicidal and disinfectant properties. A clinical study noted that 95% of the scabies patients enrolled in the study to evaluate the efficacy of precipitated sulphur petrolatum reported improved skin functioning. Further, it was also noted that sulphur was safe even for children less than 5 years of age, pregnant and lactating women, and elderly adults. 

[Link to-  ]

  • Arsenicum Album

Research suggests that homeopathic arsenicum album is traditionally believed to enhance the specific immune functions. 

[Link to-  ]

  • Carbo- Veg

Study suggests that carbo veg may help to promote skin repair naturally. 

[Link to-

  • Lycopodium

Lycopodium is potentially believed to boost the immune system and enhance skin functioning.

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  • Sepia

Sepia is one of the most commonly used homeopathic formula that helps to improve skin health where a person complains of itching vesicles not relieved by scratching. 

  • Causticum

Causticum is a homeopathic formula that enhances skin function naturally patient on the whole is extremely sensitive to cold air.

  • Psorinum

Psorinum is specially adapted to the psoric constitution. It can help to boost skin health even in cases with recurrent skin infection. 

Homeopathic formulations when taken along with improved lifestyle, proper and exercise routine can help all aspects of this extremely common condition. Biogetica combines Homeopathy along with Ayurvedic herbs and Nutritional supplements to address the condition as a whole and from its root cause so that effects can be long-lasting. Nearly all the Biogetica products have traditional use of clinical analysis from Ayurveda and Homeopathy and are supported by modern studies and trials. If you are looking for a safe, natural, and effective management for Scabies, please contact one of the doctors at

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