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Sciatica is quite often a misdiagnosed condition. Any kind of dull ache around the hips is labeled as Sciatica.

Sciatica essentially means pain due to the sciatic nerve and along the course of the nerve. The sciatic nerve exits from the lower spine, passes through the gluteal region and runs down on the back side of the legs. It is usually a sharp pain and may be associated with numbness or a tingling sensation.

Pain occurs when the sciatic nerve is compressed at its exit point on the spine. This usually happens due to a bulge of the intervertebral disc or blockage of the spinal canal. It can also occur if the surrounding muscle is not very

Treatment includes more of physical therapy than medications.

Corrective exercise can help in strengthening the muscle and make it more flexible. An improved posture also helps in reducing the strain on the spinal column. Application of ice packs helps in relieving spasms.

This can be combined with ayurvedic herbs which helps to strengthen the supportive tissues around the spine.

We request all those who have suffered from Sciatica and have successfully been eased of it to please share your experiences here.

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