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You’ve tried everything to lose the extra fat but you still gain weight. Do you eat foods that are labeled “Low Fat “? Many people confuse healthy fat loss with weight loss. Learn all about your body weight, including some surprising facts.

Weight loss has become a trend and everyone wants to have a slimmer body or more muscle. Let me ask you a simple question before we begin our journey. Did you know fat is the basic building block of the human body? You read that right! The average person contains between 15 and 30 percent of fat. We have, whether knowingly or not, almost completely abandoned dietary oils and replaced them with high-sugar and refined carbohydrate diets. This has led to lifestyle issues such as Insulin Resistance, Heart Disease, Cholesterol, and Diabetes type 2. It is important to have a good understanding of the relationship between fats and weight. Let’s begin with some facts about fats.

Weight loss is different from fat loss.

The three major components of our body are fat, lean mass (muscles, bones, and organs), as well as water. The proportions of each vary from person to person and by gender. It is healthier to lose weight by reducing fat percentage, rather than weight. This is because weight includes other factors.

Sugars as the actual culprit:


Sugar, not fats, is what makes you fat. Your body will produce more insulin the more sugar you consume to bring your blood sugar levels down. Sugars cannot be burned. Your body will store it as fat. People tend to consume more sugar or starch when they eat less fat. This increases the cholesterol levels that cause heart attacks.

Fats Are More Complex:


There are many types of fats, including saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated. Some fats have a positive effect, while others are neutral. A few are even harmful. Trans fats and vegetable oils that are inflammatory are unhealthy fats. These fats cause inflammation and increase the body fat percentage, which are the main causes of chronic diseases.

How fats can make you lean:

Yes, it’s true! High-quality fats help digest sugars and regulate blood sugar. Right fats can also increase fat burn, reduce your appetite and reduce fat accumulation. Eating the right types of fats and avoiding excess sugar can help you lose weight.

Omega-3 is good for everyone:

Out of 60 percent of fats in the brain, the major part comprises omega-3 fat called docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). DHA is the food for the brain to start communication between the brain cells; this provides energy to the brain cells and protects the brain from diseases. High-quality fats may help to enhance memory, cognition, happiness, the process of learning, speaking ability, and motor skills. There have been numerous researches on the efficacy of Omega-3 in depression and mood disorders.1

Watch out for Body Signs to know if you are taking Healthy Fats or Not:

The high-quality fats you eat are utilized to build healthy cell walls, which improve the body’s functioning. Every single cell of the body requires high-quality fats for its functioning. Your body shows signs if you do not give it enough good fats. These signs include dryness, scaling of the skin, itching, soft brittle nails, joint pains, bumps on the back, etc. Do watch out for these signs at the right time to prevent any major health issues.

Mindful Eating is Important, Starving is not Going to Help:

Keeping track of what you eat each day by maintaining a diary or noting food details for each day on your phone can be of great help. If you think starving your body will make you lose weight, you are absolutely WRONG. People who starve more end up saving more calories than burning them. Eating small frequent meals is the key. Do click here for consulting our Nutritionist now!

Proper Workouts Should Help

There is nothing worse than having a lazy, sedentary life if you want a healthy body. A workout is important for every individual irrespective of age, gender, and profession. However, the type, intensity, and duration of the workout may vary for all. On average, every person should at least do brisk walking for 30-40 minutes every day.

Selecting the Right Supplements:

There are various appetite suppressants and weight loss supplements available in the market. Most of them are artificial and may cause side effects. Thus, we suggest you choose your supplements wisely and opt for natural supplements, which have no side effects. We, at Biogetica, have combined natural alternative options including supplements made with Ayurvedic herbs, Homeopathic combinations, and Dietary supplements such as Garcinia cambogia, Commiphora mukul (Guggulu Ext. ), Green tea extract, Zingiber officinale, Cinnamomum cassia and Salacia oblonga with other herbs.2 These supplements help to improve metabolism and digestive processes, exhibit fat burn by increased fat oxidation, regulate insulin and maintain optimum blood sugar levels, thereby promoting the physiological balance of weight and body fat distribution. You can get more information on our entire range of products and consult with our doctors for free at www.biogetica.com.


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