Top 5 Signs You May Have OCD

  • November 14, 2016
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Top 5 Signs You May Have OCD

OCD or Obsessive Compulsive disorder is a condition marked by obsessive thoughts and compulsions. It is an anxiety disorder and causes great discomfort. People suffering from OCD are often busy with persistent and unwanted impulses and thoughts. It may interfere with the daily living activities of the affected person. Top 5 signs you may have OCD are given here:


Compulsive washing of hands or use of hand sanitizer has become the most important signs of OCD patients. This urge occurs due to fear of germs which is the most common obsession in OCD but it can also be due to fear of making others sick or being impure.

Over cleaning

People with OCD also tend to get involved into over cleaning compulsively. They involve in excessive cleaning of house due to fear of germs and getting contaminated. People spend many hours in cleaning. It helps to get away with the thoughts but it is only for a short period of time.


Some people suffering with OCD perform their tasks according to certain numeric pattern. They count on while doing daily living things such as climbing stairs. This sign occurs as a result of superstition. The person may feel that number seven is lucky and if he will not eat seven bananas his day will not be lucky.

Keeping everything in Order

Another sign that may indicate about OCD is that a person needs to keep everything in order or symmetry. For example, making sure that all the labels on the tins in the kitchen should face the same way. The person keeps on changing the position of the tins frequently to keep them in order.

Fear of harming others

Another sign that is important in diagnosis of OCD may include fear of harming others or oneself. People with OCD remain in fear that they may attack their friends, family members or children. They may have fear that they can set the house on fire by leaving the cooking gas open etc.


It is important to get treatment for OCD. If you know a person in your family or friends who has this problem, try talking to them.  Right treatment can help to manage the symptoms. You can search the web for doctors who can do online counseling and provide help.

Exercise can be a highly effective way of treatment for OCD. It helps to strengthen your nervous system and helps to refocus your mind.

Invest time with your family members and friends. Talk about your worries with them.

Get enough sleep because mental rest helps to keep your emotions under control. If your brain is healthy, you can show much better performance in your daily activities.

Meditation and deep breathing can help lower your stress and can help to manage your urges. Learn more about guided meditation here.

Herbs and nutritional supplements are traditionally believed to help optimize the normal structure and function of your nervous system. You can try them in combination to have better results.

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