You Are What You Eat

  • August 3, 2015
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Eat Your Way to Health

Nutrition is essential not only for life, but also for a healthy living. This is an old saying and it still holds true. Nutritious food is the key to good health but people take their diet for granted.

The connection between what you eat and how you feel

We need food not just to sustain, but to Feel better. Consuming a wide variety of healthy foods is the only way our body can get enough nutrients.

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) Food Pyramid and food recommendations were established after extensive research and are updated regularly. The goal is to make sure that people understand all the different nutrients required by our body to stay healthy.

“Good nutrition – an adequate, well balanced diet combined with regular physical activity – is a cornerstone of good health. Poor nutrition can lead to reduced immunity, increased susceptibility to disease, impaired physical and mental development, and reduced productivity.” – WHO on Nutritition

Food Pyramid
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Protein-energy malnutrition (PEM) is a form of malnutrition where there is inadequate calorie or protein intake. PEM is fairly common worldwide in both children and adults. Adequate protein and calcium intake is required especially in our growing years.

Heart Disease, High BP, Cholesterol

Research shows that the right nutrition optimizes health and consuming adequate vitamins and minerals can also lower disease risk. Studies suggest, a diet rich in whole grains, fruits and vegetables but low in saturated fats can help protect against the development of Heart diseases, High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol.

You are what you Eat

Consuming a well-rounded, balanced  and varied diet will go a long way towards making sure a person has the nutrients they need to stay healthy. Our body uses everything we put into it, and what we give it determines how it’s used — for good health, or for bad.

The second part of eating your way to good health is understanding and optimizing how well your body is absorbing the nutrients in your diet. In further posts we will discuss this.

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