Biogetica Wellness Screening

Biogetica is pleased to offer a ground-breaking range of wellness screening services to our clients across the Globe.  As with all things Biogetica, these wellness screening services are designed to gauge not only the present physical manifestations but also the current energetic condition of the body.

We are now working in conjunction with some of the most advanced testing labs on the planet to bring these services to your doorstep.

The service offered presently is:

EFI (Energy Field Imaging) determines the status of the energy field at any given time. Ayurvedic and Chinese physicians have maintained all along that disturbances in the energy field or aura precede physical problems. In the past Energy field assessments were done with Pulse diagnoses. Today however, advancements in MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) technologies have enabled us to read and decipher photon emissions from ones body and draw conclusions on areas of stress and free flowing energy.  These conclusions are an invaluable input to our Doctors putting together customized supplement protocols for your health wellness and freedom!

The comprehensive report generated by this system not only tells you about the areas requiring your attention, but also provides nutritional, supplement and lifestyle advice tailored specifically to the needs of your body. This advice is designed to help you reach your optimum peak potential.

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