What Are The Health Risks Of Obesity & How to Lose Weight Naturally?

Being overweight or obese may put you at risk for many serious health conditions. Read on to know more about the health risks of obesity and natural remedies that may potentially give you a helping hand in your weight loss journey. This COVID situation makes the need to lose weight more pertinent than ever as coronavirus […]

Homeopathic Alternatives for High Blood Pressure

A force is exerted when blood is pushed into the blood vessels. This force gives the measure of blood pressure. When a person is said to have high blood pressure, it means that the heart has to work hard to pump the blood to other parts of the body. It may become a life-threatening condition […]

9 Natural Ways to Manage Vaginal Burning & Itching

Itching and burning on our body cause discomfort, especially if they are in sensitive areas such as vagina or vulva. It can be caused due to bacterial or yeast infection or even due to sexually transmitted diseases such as Chlamydia, Genital Herpes, Gonorrhoea, and Genital Warts. Burning and itching in the vagina can also be […]

Surprising Facts about Fats

Have you been trying everything in your hand for losing the extra fats yet ended up gaining weight? Are you eating things that strictly say “Low fats”..? People generally get confused between healthy fat loss and weight loss. Read on to know all you wish to know about body weight and some surprising facts about […]


All parents deserve a break from the routine, and kids thrive in the undivided attention they get from one and all during a trip. Travelling is a great learning experience for them too. However, kids can be completely unpredictable and un-self-conscious about showing their displeasure to anything, tinging the excitement of most parents with stress. Here […]

How to Be Prepared for Any Weather

Flying is a wonderful experience. And yet, you can’t escape the ruthless sudden change in the weather the second you hop off the air-conditioned plane. Left to its own devices, our bodies can acclimatise slowly. But it’s the sudden jerk in the change of the temperature, humidity levels and the time zone that need some […]

What Can I Do to Stop Hair Loss?

Dreaming Disney-princess-like hair on our heads is unrealistic, and yet we know for sure that healthy hair IS an achievable goal. In the previous article – Why Is My Hair Falling Out, we discussed some of the major reasons for hair fall so that you can pinpoint what’s going wrong in YOUR particular system or […]

Why Is My Hair Falling Out?

Hair’s rightful place is on your head, but since you’re reading this, we’re assuming that nowadays you’re seeing it more often in your combs and sinks, and you want to find out what’s wrong. Probably you think you’re losing hair at a faster rate than growing it. Well, on an average, people lose about 50-100 […]

3 Steps to Restore Cervical Health Naturally in 2020

Cervix is at the bottom of the uterus, where the uterus narrows to a neck-like passage in the female reproductive system, opening into the vagina. This organ plays an important role in maintaining our overall health and vitality, and we must not ignore any warning signs that our body tells us. There are numerous cervical […]

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