What Are The Causes & Natural Treatments For Leukorrhea?

  What is Leukorrhea? The vaginal discharge is called leucorrhea. It may vary in quantity, color, and appearance. It may be yellow or white. Normally, it does not produce any discomfort, itching, pain, irritation, or burning around the vaginal tissue. It is odorless and helps to flush out foreign bodies from the vagina. Sometimes, the […]

Can Leucorrhea be Cured Naturally?

Are you experiencing discharge that could range from being transparent and slimy to a thick whitish- yellowish curd like consistency with or without odor? Does it also cause you to itch or feel uncomfortable at times? Have you noticed that the discharge quantity increases during certain days of the month? If your answer to any […]


We all go through this unpleasant ordeal every now and then, but keep ignoring it. Excessive vaginal discharge or leucorrhea can be an indication of something serious. We need to discuss this amongst ourselves and with our doctors. This blog is meant to spread awareness about leucorrhea to all women.

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