USE IN GENERAL PRACTICE British Homeopathic Journal Extract: Evaluation of 2LHERP (RNA & DNA complex) in preventing recurrences of genital herpes. M. Jenaer-, M.F. Henry, A Garcia and B Marichal on behalf of the Institut International 3IL7Z The Objective of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of a homeopathic complex in terms of intensity of attacks and duration of remission between attacks of genital herpes. Fifty three patients aged 18 or over with a minimum of four attacks annually were followed in this open multi-centre study in a primary care setting. The principal parameters analysed were: frequency of attacks; intensity of symptoms, during treatment and /or after stopping treatment; treatment tolerance. Eighty two per cent of patients treated for recurrent genital herpes benefited. In 41 % of cases, there was no recurrence after the first treatment with follow-up of between 8 and 50 months. In 32% of patients, one or two relapses, in 9 % of patients, recurrences continued but with reduced frequency and intensity.

Extract from the British Homeopathic Journal (2000) 89,174-177 Further information can be obtained from IDI, 5 St John’s Lane. London. EC 1M 4BH. Tel: 020 7549 1642. Fax: 020 7549 1643 Case Study Recurrent Cold Sores Cold sores which recur can be just as debilitating as genital herpes. The following case demonstrates that the RNA/DNA/SNA formula 2LHERP is equally as effective for cold sores as it is for genital herpes. The formula contains two SNA which specifically target the two different Herpes viruses HSV1 and HSV2. A 50 yr old man went to consultation for recurrent cold sores. He had suffered from them for 5 yrs, initially l cold sore per year and then by the time that he consulted the homeopath he was getting 1 cold sore per month. After two months of treatment he no longer had any cold sores, neither during treatment nor after stopping treatment. To date he has been 18 months with no cold sores

Further information and Herpes case studies can be obtained from IDI at the above address. Combining 2LHERP with classical homeopathy By Dr Rosi Coerezza I usually combine most MicroImmunotherapy treatments with the patient’s constitutional remedy. For genital herpes I always prescribe 2LHERP for preventing recurrences and advise external tea tree oil during any outbreaks. If there is also candida I often prescribe tea tree oil orally – 1 drop placed on a piece of sugar and swallowed. Local Doctor’s Experience in a small French town Reported April 2002, Paris A local general practitioner in a small French town recently told us of his experience with 2LHERP. A patient came to see him who had been suffering from Herpes type 2 for the previous 2 years. She had seen all of the experts in the town, including the chief gynaecological consultant at the town’s main hospital. Nothing worked. The doctor tried the patient on 2LHERP and within one month The patient showed great improvement. This produced a `petite revolution’ in the town – the rumour spread quickly. After a few weeks the doctor received most of the town’s herpes cases. Happy with the treatment success he decided to share it with the `officials’ of the town including the hospital VIP’s. He never got an answer. `But then this is France!’ he shrugs.

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