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Doctor Consultations

There are numerous reasons why you should consider natural options for your health and wellness.

These include:

  • The fact that your body is a complex system built by and supported by nature and hence can only truly be healed by nature
  • The fact that pharmaceuticals only suppress symptoms while natural remedies attempt to address the root cause
  • The Side effects of Pharmaceuticals that are sure to put you on a downward spiral of managing one side effect after the next
  • The fact that most pharmaceuticals derive inspiration from nature but are still dead molecules that will never achieve the magnificence of nature
  • The universal truth that something natural will always assimilate better in your body than chemicals can
  • The results shown in clinical trials that suggest that nature can support and even outperform pharmaceuticals for the long term management of chronic issues.
  • The fact that science is not returning to nature for advancements in medicine
  • The fact that all religions always consider nature to be medicine

The latest statistics show that now over 20% of pharmaceutical spend is going to natural health. This is 10x what it used to be 20 years ago. Hence, globally the world is returning to nature and her remedies for their well-being and we invite you to truly understand your options too.

You may initiate a private preliminary consult with our Doctors by clicking here. These are being offered for free for a limited time.

You may also do a more detailed consultation on our secure video consult software by clicking here. These are currently being offered at a discounted rate of $19 down from our usual rate of $79. Once the transaction is completed we will mail you a link for the encrypted and secure private Video consult.

You may also wish to consider our unique hair indexing technology that will give our Doctors a more precise understanding of your current state and needs.

No two bodies are the same and our Doctors can help you decide on the best diet, supplements, herbs and homeopathies for you. The precedent setting products developed by Biogetica balance the Vibrations and Molecules of your being simultaneously and are designed to work across the spectrum of life.

By initiating a consult you grant Biogetica private license to engage in Nutritional, Ayurvedic and Homeopathic modalities with you. The advice of our complementary providers licensed as Doctors in some jurisdictions does not replace the advice given by a physician licensed in your city and state. Our message is one of love and not hate! So start healing now as you will be glad you didn’t wait.

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