Essentials Kit with T5 Bone Liquescence Formula

TOSP Osseoapatite Plus

This natural formulation provides calcium and other essential minerals and works by potentially: **

  • Replenishing all the nutrients essential for your bones.
  • Increasing vitality of your bones.

T5 Bone Liquescence

T5 Bone Liquescence is traditionally believed to provide potentized nutrients to support bone regeneration. It also provides bio-energetic information on the ideal configuration of bone-matrix, thereby stimulating optimal bone regeneration. **

TOSP Osseoapatite Plus

Ingredients: Calciferol fish oil (vitamin D3) 200 IU; Microcrystalline - Hydroxyapatite from bone tissue matrix 500.0; Raw calf bone concentrate (lyophilized) 500.0; Calcium from bone tissue matrix 312.0; Horsetail grass 50.0; Silicon (aspartate) 10.0; Vanadium (aspartate) .075 (75mcg); Molybdenum (aspartate) .05 (50mcg); Magnesium (Aspartate) .25 (250 mcg); Boron (Citrate) .333 (333mcg); Strontium (Aspartate) 1.0 

T5 Bone Liquescence

Ingredients: Bone Meal 3X; Calcarea Carbonica 3X, 4X; Egg Shell 3X; Lactuca Sativa 3X; Calcarea Fluorica 4X; Calcarea Sulphurica 4X; Calcarea Phosphorica 4X; Calcarea Muriatica 4X; Manganum Metallicum 4X; Magnesium Metallicum 4X; Equisetum Arvense 4X; Juglans Nigra 4X; Vitamin D2 4X; Vitamin D3 4X ; Vitamin A 4X ; Vitamin F 4X; Niccolum Metallicum 12X.
Potentized Bioenergetic Impressions of: Bone 4X, 6X ; Thyroid 4X, 6X; Parathyroid 4X, 6X; Liver 4X, 6X; Kidney 4X, 6X


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