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Gotu Kola In Varicose Veins

A few clinical trials in humans suggested that extracts of gotu kola and TTFCA, taken by mouth, helped reduce swelling of the legs and feet due to varicose veins and poor circulation (chronic venous insufficiency) more than sham treatments (placebo.) It seemed to reduce the “leakage” of blood vessels. Further studies are needed to find out if these results hold true. It is important to note that extracted chemicals such as TTFCA are not the same as the herb itself. Study results of extracts often will not show the same results as studies using the raw plant.


One study in India reported that gotu kola extract slowed the development of tumors in mice and increased their life span. Other rat studies showed that gotu kola extracts had calming effects and prevented ulcers. Animal studies have shown that gotu kola, when applied to the skin or taken by mouth, seems to promote collagen production in wounds.


Lab studies on tumor cells (“test tube” studies) showed that fresh gotu kola juice slowed their growth, but not as much as the more purified extracts from the plant. Lab studies have also suggested a possible role for extracts of gotu kola for treatment of scleroderma and for the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer disease. A small number of laboratory studies conducted in India and Europe suggest that an ointment or gel made from gotu kola may speed up wound healing. None of these studies have been done on humans, although some of the wound healing studies also looked promising in rodent tests.


Although animal and lab studies look promising for some of these uses, further studies are necessary to find out if the results hold true for humans. More well-controlled research is needed to understand its role, if any, in cancer treatment. 

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