Hair Skin and Nail

Hair Skin and Nail

Aging has subtle effects on some, while wreaks havoc on others. Every part of your body is affected by aging and you slowly start losing your sheen, vitality and vigor. As you age, your skin starts losing its elasticity, suppleness, and moisture content. Nail growth also subsides and your hair too loses its lusciousness, thickness and texture. Although aging is a natural process, how you end up largely depends on your lifestyle, stress levels, eating habits and genetic makeup. Most of the factors are in your control and timely modifications can go a long way in maintaining your youthful countenance. Your body is made up of 3 aspects, the molecular building blocks, the energetic balance and the informational reminders that prod every functional organ to operate optimally. Biogetica understands the significance of a healthy body both internally and externally and thus ensures to bottle the best remedies offered by nature that work across the 3 spectrums of life and help you arrest the scavenging effects of aging and live longer…younger.

  • Ginseng-Studies suggest that the Ginseng variants have anti-oxidant properties that help fight against free radical damage and have been found effective in delaying the signs of aging.
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  • Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha) – Studies have shown that the herb possesses anti-aging properties and the clinical subjects showed significant improvement in hemoglobin, red blood cell count, and hair melanin. Serum cholesterol decreased and nail calcium was also preserved.
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  • Centella asiatica-Studies indicate that the plant extract possesses several medicinal properties, and is found beneficial in maintaining healthy skin conditions, fighting stress and improving bodily functions to delay aging.
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  • Biotin- Studies suggest that biotin helps in keratin buildup in hair, skin and nails. It helps to normalize the oily secretions of your body.
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  • Beta-carotenes and Lycopene- Studies suggest that these nutraceuticals protect the skin from harmful rays and other free radical damage
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1.Relieves pain and inflammation in joints and muscles. 2.Chondroprotective and Immunomodulatory action of the ingredients prevent cartilage degeneration and delays disease progression. 3.Promotes joint mobility by imparting strength to the musculoskeletal system. 4.Reduces morning stiffness due to anti-inflammatory action. 5.Prevents crippling by delaying disease progression by virtue of potent anti-oxidant action. 6.Improves blood circulation. 6.Safe for long term use.

  • Each capsule of AV Metacare 650 mg has extracts of
  • Whitania Somnifera extract 250 mg
  • It plays a vital role in various immune disorders; endoctrin disorder, anti-inflammatory and as an imunomudulation activity (improve immunity).
  • Tinospora Cordifolio extract (Brotowali) 75 mg
  • As a protective immunity, contains important immuno modulation compounds.
  • Ocinum sanctum extract (Kemangi Hutan) 75 mg
  • Materials adaptogenicnya (for adjustment) is important to prevent immune disorders.
  • Citrus aurantium extract 250 mg
  • Produces compounds that have anti-metastatic activity (anti-cell division).

Rs. 1842.35

60 X 620mg Capsules

PranaMana stimulates the production and distribution of healthy, biological energy. It is aimed at preventing and correcting energy imbalances that affect the quantity, quality and/or distribution of energy in the body.

  • Group I Amino acids: L-Serine 200 mg L-Glutamine 200 mg of citrulline malate 50 mg, 20 mg.
  • Group II Regulators oxidative processes: coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone) 10 mg,
  • Group III Vitamins and Minerals: Zinc gluconate (14:35% zinc), manganese gluconate (11:42% manganese) 2 mg.

Take 1 or 2 capsules a day in the morning, before breakfast Or as advised by your physician.



Prana Mana is believed to stimulate the production and distribution of healthy, biological energy. It is aimed at preventing and correcting energy imbalances that affect the quantity, quality and/or distribution of energy in the body.
Disturbances in the Energy spectrum is the first layer of resistance against any type of therapy and is directly correlated to a dysfunction in the production of energy at the mitochondrial level.
PranaMana is believed to be a bioregulator that fights Asthenia, and weakness induced by physical or psychological stress, often associated with chronic fatigue syndrome.
It is believed to prevent the accumulation of ammonium and also promotes its elimination, by activation of the Uric acid cycle.
It is also believed to provide the micronutrients necessary for the Krebbs cycle, thus facilitating the production of cellular energy.
It is also involved in the transfer of energy from mitochondria to the cytoplasm.
The result is an overall increase in energy reserves, essential for a healthy lifestyle.

Prana Mana is believed to facilitate a synergistic action to increase and regulate energy through:

Activation of the Krebbs cycle with the consequent stimulation of cellular respiration and production of electrons.
Activation of energy transfers between the mitochondria and cytoplasm (via Ornithine citrulline).
Activation of Urea (via citrullinecycle).
Protection of the intestinal mucosa, to aid the absorption of amino acids, vitamins and the essential energy balance micronutrients.
Induction of the enzymatic processes essential for repairing cell damage through activated co-factors, Zinc and Manganese.
Increase of the energy potential in the central nervous system (via synthesis of sphingolipids and phophatylserine, from serine).
Promotion of energy reserves through hepatic glycogen regulation and the reservoirs of energy in striated muscle, where the glutamine prevents catabolism, thus promoting muscle repair.
Enabling Cardio-protective effect: Activation of energy reserves of the heart muscle, via citrulline malate and Coenzyme Q10.

The synergistic activation produced by PranaMana is the result of a combination of carefully selected amino acids, enzymes and minerals critical for production of energy at the cellular level and in complex organic systems such as the small intestine, the liver, striated muscle and the brain.

Rs. 1842.35

OM28 is a natural supplementary product that contains homeopathic ingredients traditionally believed to support the immune system by administering sarcodes (bio-energetic imprints) of certain specific healthy body tissues in an attempt to remind the body of optimal immune functions.


Thymus, Red Bone Marrow, Interferon.

THYMUS manufactures the T-Cells which play a primary role in the Immune System.

RED BONE MARROW strengthens the tone of the blood, without which the Immune System would degenerate.

When the Immune System is attacked by a virus or infection, the body cells produce INTERFERON. As antibiotics diminish the Interferon production in a body, so it is an important content.

USES In all cases where the resistance to an illness is insufficient.

Base 10 Base 44 Base 336
113 8 1 4 10 34 6 5 8 6 7

Potent bio-energetic impressions of: Thymus, Red Bone Marrow, Interferon.

Rs. 1842.35

it is a blend of advanced resonance homeopathic therapies that is traditionally believed to provide necessary mineral salts to promote healthy hair growth and stop the thinning and falling of hair

Rs. 1842.35

This advanced resonance homeopathic remedy is traditionally believed to help the body protect hair, by presenting it with information on optimal functioning.


Hair, Hair follicules, Sebaceous glands, Thyroid


1.Baldness, falling and thinning of hair.
2.Dullness with need for hair toning.

Base 10 Base 44 Base 336
2 5 6 9 8 22 24 39 19 3 7 2

Energetic and informational imprints of Hair, Hair follicles, Sebaceous glands, Thyroid

Rs. 1842.35

It is a unique combination of plant stem cells from the Argan Tree, the Swiss Apple tree and pea plant extract along with the Nano Lipobelle Co-enzyme Q10 that invigorates hair follicles to stimulate hair growth and prevent graying.

Rs. 1842.35

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