Hypericum Mysorense

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Hypericum Mysorense

In 2004 Indian scientists from the JSS school of pharmacology published a paper in peer reviewed medical journals that said.

Hypericum mysorense is a rare member of the Hypericum species that grows only in the Nilgiri hills of India. You can read this paper in its entirety here.1 It, being a valid scientific document is also hosted in the US National Public Library of Medicine aka PUB MED! 2 where it lies buried away from the millions of eyes that may benefit from it globally!

So why didn’t your Doctor or Government or favorite news channel tell you about it? Better you ask them! Well in all fairness some news channels printed stories about it for a day like this one ‘A cure for Herpes in the Nilgiri Hills?’ on rediff.com, Many such articles have since been filed in archives, away from the public eye.

And of course it had its day or two of fame, as is depicted by this google trend report. Each time a new paper came out, it spiked! Funny thing is no information ever came out saying it didn’t work but the interest just died over time.

Indian AYUSH approval & Patents

Given that Hypericum Mysorense is close relative of Hypericum Perforatum (St. Johns Wort) and is traditionally used in Ayurveda as a wound healer and Anti-viral, it was approved by AYUSH the Indian Governments department of Ayurveda as a herbal formula for immune support. Biogetica received approval from Ayush for its herbal formula “Hyperisince” that combines Hypericum Mysorense with other herbs for “immune support”. Hyperisince has since been manufactured in a WHO GMP approved facility and it has patent number… published for it.

Cure, Treatment and all Those Other Reserved Words

No Doctor or company can claim that anything is a cure or treatment. Only the FDA in your country can do that. Approvals cost 50 to 100 million USD so please keep that checkbook ready. Check or cash is fine, only two herbs to date have crossed the finish line Therefore we will presently not claim that Hypericum Mysorense cures or treats any disease. Maybe someday, someone can spend the money with the FDA in your land to achieve that, or maybe the FDA in your country will study it in the interest of public health. Furthermore certain diseases require a Doctor licensed in your city and state for their treatment and cure. Our naturally inclined practitioners are most likely not licensed in your state, which most likely only licenses western allopathic Doctors. So if you are looking to cure or treat any disease with Western Licensed Medicine please go see a Doctor licensed in your state. Our Message is one of love not hate.

What can we do?

We can offer you Hypericum Mysorense in its patented Hyperisince Formula as a nutrient formula with potential immune support! Your results may vary and it comes with a 100% money back guarantee. It’s 100% natural and vegan and no one till date has reported any adverse events. Wild-crafted herbs picked at the optimal time and then combined in a state of the art World Health Organization Good manufacturing Practices (WHO-GMP) laboratory.

Want it? Here it is. Have a Great life! Be good to your husband or wife. 4 months of use is most recommended.

P.S. Our Ayurvedic and Homeopathic Practitioners suggest you take it as an entire kit, which combines Hyperisince with H-factor Nosodes and Reginmune and Visarpa clay for some SERIOUS “Immune Support”.

Why Nosodes?

That’s why.

Evaluation of 2LHERP in preventing recurrences of genital herpes

Again if you have any questions about treatments please go see a Doctor licensed in your city and state. We provide a second or alternative opinion for your Informed Consideration that does not replace the medical opinion of a Dr from your jurisdiction.


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Can’t afford our nutrients? No issues; write to us at [email protected] and we will send it against any donation. We will never turn our back on helping another human on this planet.

Want to thank us and mother earth, send a video or written testimonial. Yours in health, the Biogetica team!

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