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Is there a natural herpes cure?

Is there a natural herpes cure?

Imagine getting back the life you once had. Do you remember how free and confident you felt? If reclaiming that freedom is your aim, then please realize that it is essential for you to read this page and apply it to your life without delay, because nature alone completes you in many ways.

Why You should never Ignore Herpes for one single day!

Herpes can be spread even when you are free of symptoms. Herpes is caused by variants of the HSV virus that hides in your nerve ganglia and attacks when your immunity is low. Having herpes triples your chances of getting HIV and therefore a herpes infection should never be ignored for one single day. 1 You must treat Herpes and keep your immunity boosted to avoid killing a loved one or yourself! Herpes is most likely spread when immunity is low and the virus is either shedding or in a full blown outbreak as oral or genital cold sores.

Why do some Doctors say that Herpes cannot be cured?

There are two ways to diagnose a herpes infection via blood tests. The older tests look for antibodies which are the defence mechanism your body sets up against anything it has been vaccinated against or infected with, in the past. Patients will continue to have hsv antibodies just like they do small pox and other antibodies for anything they were vaccinated against, or infected with. This is not a bad thing as antibodies speak of the bodies immune system and defence. For example certain countries will only give you a visa if you have antibodies for small pox, chicken pox and other viruses that they want you to be inoculated against. Since antibodies remain for a lifetime some Doctors say herpes cannot be cured.

New PCR DNA tests, however, look for actual virus in your blood and these more accurate tests are a welcome change in the status quo as they truly show if the Virus is present or absent in your blood stream. If you are suffering from herpes you should get this newer PCR DNA test as it will actually tell you how much of the virus is left in your blood stream. It is the virus that causes outbreaks and passes on infections and the antibodies that stop outbreaks. Hence the primary concern of anyone suffering from herpes should be the amount of viral load they carry, the number of painful outbreaks they have. Both of these ultimately decide how infectious you are at any given point.

Hence the crux of the age old herpes cure debate has more to do with the testing mechanism used than it does with actual status of someones life and the viral load they carry. This we hope will change soon now that PCR DNA tests are available that look for the actual herpes virus in your body and don’t make assumptions based on the bodies defence mechanism.

Why are Herpes Vaccines Still Not Effective in 2018?

Researchers in numerous pharmaceuticals firms and medical colleges have thus far failed in their attempts to create a herpes vaccine or herpes cure. There are numerous reasons for this. Vaccines fail for herpes as herpes is an advanced virus that hides from the immune system. The vaccine itself thus goes undetected by the immune system in a manner similar to how cancer sometimes continues undetected by the immune system. Nosodes seem to be the closest thing to a herpes vaccine presently and nosodes have shown benefits to 82% of genital herpes patients in a trial conducted in France*.

Furthermore herpes is a huge business for some worldwide. Over 10 billion dollars a year are spent on herpes medications such as Acyclovir and Famcyclovir globally, and some feel that the profits seen by this industry come in the way of funding for research that may or may not succeed. A herpes patient experiencing 3 or more outbreaks a year will eventually yield more profit with lifelong medications than a single shot vaccine that cures herpes forever. Hence very often the priority is to create lifelong management treatments for herpes rather than actual cures for herpes.

When Hypericum Mysorense was discovered numerous pharmaceutical firms tried to synthesise the hypericin molecule and enter this pharmaceutical into clinical trials for herpes and HIV. All these trials were eventually stopped as the chemically synthesised molecule caused photosensitivity in patients. It is fairly obvious that man cannot imitate the perfection of nature and that nature has been systematically been taken out of the realm of medicine for the sake of patentable profit generating molecules that often take their inspiration from nature. This is why valerian became valium and marijuana became marinol before it got any funding for drug trials.

The Virus Of The Millennia: How Herpes Continues To Creep On It’s Unsuspecting Prey Despite Advances In Modern Medicine



What is the Herpes virus?

Symptoms of Herpes

  1. Oral Herpes (Mostly caused by HSV 1)It is characterized by red, fluid filled blisters on the lips, mouth and tongue. There is severe pain, tingling, difficulty in eating and swallowing accompanied by fever.
  2. Genital Herpes (Mostly caused by HSV 2)It is characterized by reddish, fluid filled blisters around the genitals which burst open to form sores or ulcers. These blisters when present in the genital region result in painful micturition and cause pain while passing urine and stools (if present in the anal region).Other symptoms include headache, body ache and fever and are prevalent in both men and women.
  3. Chicken Pox (Caused by Varicella zoster)It is characterized by rash, general malaise and low grade fever. In 2-3 days, the rash progresses to vesicular eruptions and causes severe itching. After 5-6 days, these eruptions turn into scabs. Rashes appear all over the body except for the palms and soles.Once afflicted with chicken pox, the body develops a natural immunity and the virus remains dormant in the human body. Anyone who has had chicken pox, will test positive for the antibodies to the Varicella Zoster virus. However, no one says that they are not cured from chicken pox and this then points to the shortcomings of a testing mechanism that has led to people saying herpes cannot be cured.
  4. CytomegalovirusIt is a herpetic virus associated with the salivary glands. It affects immune-compromised individuals, such as new born infants, organ transplant recipients and HIV patients.It causes vision problems, diarrhea, and infection of the stomach and could even be fatal.
  5. Roseola (caused by Human Herpes virus 6 and Human Herpes virus 7)It is characterized by skin rash and high fever in the pediatric age group. This infection could lead to convulsions in children.
  6. Infectious Mononucleosis (caused by Epstein-Barr virus)It is characterized by fever, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, body-ache, headache and swollen tonsils. A person may remain symptomless even when infected.

Diagnosis of Herpes

Your physician may do a preliminary diagnosis of Herpes by looking at your sores. He may then recommend blood tests to confirm the presence of the Virus. Specific tests for blood and fluid from eruptions may be conducted to determine whether the infection is due to HSV1 or HSV2.

Herpes Treatment

  1. Conventional Treatment:Your general practitioner may prescribe topical ointments, lotions and anti-virals for any of the Herpes infections. Some of the common anti-virals are: Acyclovir, Famciclovir and valacyclovir. But after a period, the virus develops resistance, and they could become ineffective. Hence none of these FDA approved treatments of herpes are believed to cure herpes.

    These medicines weaken the immune system by allowing it to slack and have side effects such as headache, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. Overdose could result in seizures, hallucinations and maybe even kidney damage

  2. Complementary Nature CareThe Herpes virus tends to remain dormant in the nerves and becomes active when immunity is low. Furthermore, viruses are known to be excellent genetic engineers and attempts to kill them directly, often leads to these viruses mutating and reappearing.

    Biogetica aims to support normal functioning of the Immune System and does not make any claim of a herpes treatment or herpes cure in countries where TCM, Homeopathy and Ayurveda are not considered medicine. Biogetica kits are a synergetic combination of dietary supplements, resonance homeopathic formulations, traditionally used herbs and local applications. They include herpes nosodes and Hypericum mysorense.

These combinations are believed to focus on:
  • Coaxing a specific immune response with Nosodes and Sarcodes. Biogetica’s approach centers around Homeopathic Herpes Nosodes and Hypericum Mysorense essentially as nothing our doctors have ever seen comes close.Nosodes used here are bioenergetic imprints of various Herpes viruses. In accordance to the homeopathic principle of “Like Cure Like” they are believed to coax a specific, optimal immune response.
  • Balancing the five elements and their functions in the body with traditionally used herbs.
  • Supporting the normal structure and functioning of the body and immune system with complementary dietary supplements.
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