Your brain is a tiny organ contributing to just 2 % of your bodyweight, but this complex marvel has the ability to process an unimaginable amount of information and enviably has total control over all facets of your bodily system. That is why, if you want your brain to max out at all times then you need to keep it in shape, just like you work-out to keep your body healthy.

And the best part is that our brains are flexible and renewable, and despite age and other brain deteriorating elements, they have the ability to maintain, and even improve their cognitive performances provided we make sure to help them stay on track.

So, what should you be doing to keep your brain thriving? Of course, eating a healthy diet, exercising and keeping away from stressful conditions may help you sustain your cognitive abilities, but with the kind of fast-paced lives we live plus the damaging effects that aging brings along, there can hardly be a soul who can preserve their brain with just godly habits.

So, What are Nootropics and how do They Help Optimize the Brain?

To make sure your brain always functions in top gear, there are a number of available brain enhancing supplements that potentially work to boost memory power, enhance attention levels, increase retaining power, uplift mood, and potentiate mental energy. Substances that have this ability to positively influence the brain are called nootropics and medical wisdom has come a long way after nootropics were first introduced in the year 1972 by a scientific doctor. You’ll find a number of brain benefitting supplements in the market and the influx has seen a recent surge after the elderly, adults, and children have been seen flocking to make the most of these wonderful brain tonics.

But you’ve got to use these supplements wisely because not all are side effect free; moreover, their ability to influence the brain depends on various factors like bioavailabiliy, penetration of the blood brain barrier, improvement of blood and oxygen to the brain cells, and rejuvenation and enhancement of cognitive functions.

This is where; we at Biogetica differ from others; our products are a blend of rich nutritional ingredients derived from 100% natural and wild crafted antioxidant herbs and bioenergetic impressions of archetypical functions of the brain. Our formulations are an excellent combination of natural elements that work synergistically to support your immune system, nourish each and every organ of your body and promote optimal functioning of the various mechanisms in your system.

Biogetica has ensured to include only those ingredients that are naturally or organically grown so that they are assimilated completely by your system as opposed to synthetically derived molecules that are expelled by the body’s filtration process.

Our doctors have formulated brain health products based on traditional knowledge and meticulous research, stacking synergistic ingredients to further enhance their effectiveness, so that the product has a more powerful potent effect than individual components of the formulation.

The ingredients in our formulations work on various aspects of the brain, boosting its functions and improving its health. The various mechanisms by which our neuronutrient ingredients potentially benefit include:

  1. Increasing the production and signaling of various neurotransmitters, which in turn lead to improved concentration, better memory, mood elevation, enhanced ability for mental work, and longer attention spans.
  2. Improving the synaptic plasticity of neurons thereby improving and sustaining your brain power and functionality.
  3. Increasing blood flow to your brain, causing increased supply of oxygen, nutrients, and glucose – the primary energy source used by your brain in performing its varied tasks.
  4. Imparting nerve protection and preservation by potentially stimulating the growth of neurons and neurites and decreasing the rate of their degeneration.

Our brain health series comprise the following products:

Cerevitan: This precedent –setting nutraceutical potentially contributes to better cognitive and memory conditions by improving nerve transmission and inhibiting oxidative ageing processes.

Serenat :This unique brain health formulation is a blend of synergistic natural ingredients that potentially help improve memory, attention spans, and mood.

AV Memvita:This exclusive herbal blend is a combination of potent and powerful herbs, traditionally believed to have nootropic and memory enhancing capabilities.

BR Factor:A traditional resonance homeopathic remedy formulated with various brain tissue salts that potentially help sustain normal brain functions.

Brain 200:An excellent combination of advanced bioenergetic ingredients traditionally believed to improve circulation to your brain and enhance your concentration and memory span by balancing the left-right brain hemispheres.

Euphoria:A fantastic mixture of natural energizing phytonutrients that improve mood and energy levels in your body.

Equilibrium:This harmonious blend of indigenous herbs and natural ingredients potentially helps enhance the energetic mechanism of your body thereby relieving stress, correcting imbalances and promoting a healthy nervous system.

Agelife:This advanced nutraceutical amalgamates ingredients that potentially help rejuvenate and sustain your healthy cells and decelerate early aging.

Zandopa:A classic ayurvedic formulation that consists of Kawachbeej (Mucuna pruriens), which has also been clinically tested to support the normal functioning of nerve cells.

We also have a number of brain and nerve health protocols that potentially work to repair, rejuvenate and restore cognitive and nerve functions. Consult with our doctors now to know which one can benefit you the most.

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