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OM 12

This advanced resonance Homeopathic formulation is traditionally believed to convey to the body the ways to protect hair, by presenting it with information on optimal functioning.**

It can be used in conditions such as falling and thinning of hair and works by stimulating the follicles, thereby improving the quantity and the quality of hair.**

Biogetica is proud to present Anagrow™ - The first plant stem cell based therapy for thinning hair. 

Stem cells are considered the building blocks of life which renew and help re-generate all other cells of the body, such as hair, skin & nails.

Stem cell technology has found credibilty in the growth of hair follicles as suggested by Scientists at the Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute. As of this year many news sources are raving about the promise that Stem Cell technology holds for those suffering from hair loss.

http://news.discovery.com/.../ stem-cells-could-treat-hair-los...

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Research Fact 1*: "In a study conducted, 0.03 % of Nano-Lipobelle DN CoQ10 (component of Anagrow) when applied to isolated hair follicles, enhanced follicular growth by 14% within 7 days." 1 * 

Individual results may vary from individual to individual, as is seen in all clinical trials.

Research Fact 2*: "The hair growth initiation time on clinical subjects was significantly reduced to half on treatment with a 2% ethanol extract of a natural herb. They also exhibited greater number of hair follicles in the anagenic phase as compared to the minoxidil 2% solution used as positive control for comparison. " 2 *

Individual results may vary from individual to individual, as is seen in all clinical trials.

Rejuvenate your hair follicles, naturally with the latest in plant stem cell technology

Stem cells are the building blocks of life, which renew and aid the re-generation of all the other cells of the body, such as hair, skin & nails. Stem cells are the new rage in Biotechnology and are being studied as treatments and cures for various ailments. One area where stem cells have already shown huge promise is hair loss.

Centers that were dedicated to Hair Replacement Surgery and Hair Transplant procedures, now offer Stem Cell therapy, which is a lot less painful and problematic in the long run. Such centers are known to charge anywhere from $1000 to $10,000 for Stem Cell procedures whereas, we at Biogetica, are happy to bring you similar products for as low as $130 per month. Yes, you read that right! We will deliver the Advanced Plant Stem Cell solution Anagrow or Anagain, developed by Richfeel in conjunction with Mibelle Biochemistry of Switzerland, for under $130 a month. So, here’s a chance to bolster your looks, confidence and social status! Yes, this is the same product, Anagrow or Anagain, for which the clinics charge a minimum of $700! A recent study conducted in the UK showed that women consider hair as the most important factor in judging a man’s looks! Another Study in USA has found that good looking Men and Women tend to earn higher salaries than relatively unattractive ones.. Freedom from hair loss may be the key you need for personal and business success. Our hair loss kits can be used by both men and women. Since, this is a new product which we believe will change the course of many lives, we ask you to please send us before and after pictures depicting your progress with it. Also, this is a product that requires 3 to 6 months of use for results and therefore, returns will only be honored once you have used 3 kits, at least. We will honor all returns after 90 days from your date of purchase, if you are unsatisfied with our Product!

Anagrow is a unique combination of plant stem cells from the Argan Tree, the Swiss Apple tree and Pea Plant extract along with the Nano Lipobelle Co-enzyme Q10, that invigorates hair follicles to stimulate hair growth and prevent graying.

Biogetica combines this Advanced Plant Stem Cell solution with advanced Resonance Homeopathy and brings to you a hair therapy kit, which presents a multi-layered approach to your hair loss issues. We are extremely excited to bring this to the world and hope that you send us your story of how you reclaimed your freedom from hair loss using our Biogetica kit!

Hair loss is a complex issue with numerous companies making claims and scamming people. We, therefore, do not make any claims on our products. Instead, we point you to the independent research below, which clarifies their usage and only makes promises in a scientifically verifiable manner.

Biogetica is delighted to be part of the team that first introduced this revolutionary new technology.

Resonance homeopathy - Complementary natural remedy is traditionally believed to teach your body how to protect your hair by presenting it with information on optimal functioning.

Individual results may vary from individual to individual 

"The exciting scientific breakthrough achieved by this Indo-Italian-Swiss collaboration is guaranteed to revolutionise the way trichologists treat thinning hair around the world " - The Times of India.+

OM 12

Ingredientes:   Impresiones homeopáticas potenciadas sin moléculas reales de pelo, folículos pilosos 1 M, glándulas sebáceas 30, tiroides 200


Ingredientes:   PhytoCellTec ™ RejuvaMax, Nano-Lipobelle DN CoQ10 oA, Proteína de guisante, hidroxietil etilcelulosa, Propilenglicol, glicerina, PEG 7 Cocoato de glicerilo, agua purificada.


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