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Aside from strict raw material inspection, the system of quality control of Dr. Reckeweg & Co. is based primarily on an extensive in-process verification.This consists of inspecting manufacturing protocols, regulating all intermediate stages -including systematic crude product analysis up to monitoring of filling and packaging. In the last control stage, the packaged product, ready for use, is subjected to a final inspection.


All control processes are based on written specifications. Apparatus and testing methods are in accordance with the latest scientific knowledge, and have been adequately validated. The documentation pertaining to all manufacturing and testing protocols also represents a tangible element in quality control. Extensive records are retained, in the form of batch-related reports, for over five years. In addition, Dr. Reckeweg & Co. regularly conducts stability studies in order to guarantee consistent product quality, even after lengthy storage. 

The high calibre products of Dr. Reckeweg & Co. necessitate the use of ultramodern technology for filling and packaging. The completely automated assembly lines exclude personnel from having contact with the product; thus, allowing for the manufacture of optimum germ-free remedies. With only one product at a time on the production lines and adequate division of lots, errors and cross-contamination are avoided. 

Operating personnel document each step during the course of production, on a batch-related certificate. In addition, the quality control laboratory requests randomly chosen samples of the packaged end-products, for analysis. Only the product batches inspected by the heads of Manufacturing and Quality Control are transferred to the sales warehouse to await shipping.


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