Sintergetica Formulas

Our holographic healing methodology works across the molecular, energetic and informational spectrum of life. Most nutritionists are trained in only the molecular aspect. They look for molecules missing from the body and replace them with supplements. We on the other hand take this a step further by also addressing issues of absorption, bodily terrain, assimilation and informational or energetic blockages. Very often it is not the lack of a supplement in the diet but the bodies inability to absorb it that causes issues and this is why we make products like the vitamin C liquescence and numerous other kits which have a nutritional, energetic and informational impact on the body. Not only do products like these supply Vitamin C to the body, they teach it to absorb and assimilate it. They do so by having molecular, energetic and informational components that feed the body while teaching it how to absorb and assimilate that particular food. Also, most Vitamins on the market today are derived from synthetic isolates. We source all raw ingredients from natural and wherever possible organic sources. This makes a Huge difference as not all vitamins are the same. We continue to improve our products in order to insure they are absorbed and assimilated into the body.

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