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Synopsis Table of Biogetica Products

Name Components/Description Mode of Action* Notes/Dosage Available in
BIO 88 Contains nosodes (energetic imprints) of various viruses, including herpes. These Homeopathic Nosodes are believed by traditional Homeopathy to have the potential to coax a specific immune response.* Take once daily for 3 months or longer. This product or the HRPZ Formula III is necessary parts of the protocol. BIO 88 works best only when taken with Herpezostin. Stand Alone Product

HRPZ Formula III New resonance homeopathic that contains all herpes nosodes These herpes nosodes for all the mutant variants of Herpes, including HSV I, II, III, IV, V, VI, which are believed by traditional Homeopathy to have the potential to coax a specific immune response.* Combines Bio 88 and Herpezostin into 2 oz fine mist spray, to be sprayed on outbreaks and under the tongue. Taken in-between and during outbreaks Systemic Kit with HRPZ nosodes

Vital kit with HRPZ Nosodes

Stand Alone Product

SVPX -Viroplex Copper Lysinate Forte, contains highly bioavailable lysine, copper and antivirals. These ingredients are believed to support the body’s assimilation and absorption of Lysine by enhancing its systemic distribution. 1-2 capsules with meals, twice a day, based on body weight. Overdose will make your skin tingle. Stand Alone Product

TIMC Immuno Complex Contains bovine glandulars and nutrients, which are used to coax your glands and immune system into optimal functioning. A collection of Sarcodes and nutritional products that may support immune functions 1 tablet with meals, twice a day is plenty Systemic Kit with HRPZ nosodes

Cellular Oxygenator Resonance homeopathy combination A homeopathic therapy that may help oxygenate cells. Spray under tongue, twice daily, and enjoy. Systemic Kit with HRPZ nosodes

Stand Alone Product

DMSO Wood-based solvent that enters cells. These ingredients are traditionally believed to support the body’s natural ability to oxygenate the skin.* DMSO is to be applied on the spine 2-3 times daily in month ‘1’; Twice daily for 15 days in month ‘2’; and Twice daily for 7 days in month ‘3’. Stand Alone Product

Fempro Combination of herbs and homeopathics. FemPro is meant for supporting the immune system of women who tend to have outbreaks during menstruation* – the virus tends to become active when immunity is low. Excellent new product. Combine with an Essentials-Kit or Optimal-Kit for a sure-to-win situation. Stand Alone Product

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