Pain is the threshold that makes us stronger individuals


Why Pain


The Following Speech was Taken From Our Founder’s Opening Address At The Annual Conference of Sintergetica

The question comes up “Why in God’s conscious universe is there pain and suffering amongst his children?”

Pain is the necessary friction that turns a Stone into a Gem and it is necessary to hammer a stone if it is to become a gem. Pain is necessary for the evolution of consciousness in a situation where we have the ability to discriminate under the illusion of a dualistic universe. Pain forces us to evolve from a focus on impermanent sense pleasures to the single pointedness and endless bliss of soul recognition. Pain is an electric fence that shocks us each time we strayed too far from our path toward the light and an existence of harmony. Pain is represented by the center of the cross.

Healing is possible when one falls down the vertical axis of the cross into NOW. Healing comes from the word wholeness and occurs when one reintegrates with the bliss that exists in every moment and every breath.

We as Sintergetists serve as beacons that have risen above the fog of molecular medicine to restore balance on the subtlest of levels, delivering people out of suffering and into the light. We cannot end all pain but we can end all suffering by giving patients the experience of the soul which is indifferent to the obstacles it chose on its path to the light.

We are fortunate to have masters that not only know perfectly but also openly share the wisdom to bring light where there is darkness, truth where there is untruth and the nectar of immortality where there is death.

It is truly a testament to the evolution of consciousness that each and every one of us has tools that bring about precise spiritual, mental, astral, etheric, physiological and cellular change thereby restoring cells to their divinity and bringing humans back to their spiritual heritage. This alone is healing, this alone is upliftment.

Here is to waking up in a world where: We never hear the words “There is no cure!” Where religion is simply understood as rejoining with the source without which we do not live! Where every single person knows that a little bit of light can take away all darkness!

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