• November 21, 2012
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Being awake for 24 hours is not a healthy experience. There are many of us out there who go through this ordeal every single night.

It is a long term disorder which is poorly recognized and understood by most of us. There are so many amongst us who suffer from it but ignore it. We think it is a part of life and don’t consider it important to consult our doctors for it

Everyone suffering with Insomnia is different and each one benefits from different treatments.

Most of us rely on over the counter medications which do help us to some extent.

These products aid in putting you to sleep for a few hours, but very soon you are addicted to it without realizing it.

It is always advisable to take such medications under medical supervision.

You should first try and understand the cause of insomnia before taking any sleep inducing pills. It helps to talk people who have a similar problem.

Mild exercises and relaxation techniques like yoga go a long way in ensuring a good nights’ sleep.

Pharmacy shelves are flooded with herbal products which help you get rid of Insomnia. These natural products are relatively safe and not habit forming. They provide a long term natural cure to sleep disorders.

We all need to sleep well for a successful and functional life. So, let’s share our experiences and help one another in conquering this disorder.

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