Understand the effects of Molecular Activation


About Molecular Activation


The method of MOLECULAR ACTIVATION developed by European Biotech Laboratories considerably improves the biological activity of the ANTIOXIDIZING molecules and of all others that contain carboxilo groups in their structure.

With this method of MOLECULAR ACTIVATION, the power of antiviral activity can be increased up to 10000 times in some molecules studied by us in virus such as herpes “in vitro”. Vitamin B12, for example, when undergoing the process of MOLECULAR ACTIVATION, provokes a bigger and quicker growth of animal cells, thus reaching better results regarding the weight of the treated animals.

We could add many other examples of the increased effects in other molecules used in medicine as well as in cattle raising or agriculture. The method of MOLECULAR ACTIVATION as such is to put the treated molecules under a determined electric field during a time span calculated beforehand and in some specific conditions for each kind of molecule, studying previously as well the most appropriate physical-chemical parameters for each case.

The method involves a BIOCATALYTIC process capable of many molecules without modifying the basic structure or changing their original DL50

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