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EBV / CMV ……………………………………………………………………………………………….. 81 
Edema / Ascites …………………………………………………………………………………………. 85 
Endometriosis …………………………………………………………………………………………….. 87 
Epilepsy / Petit-Mal Seizures …………………………………………………………………………. 89

BioActive Botanicals
. Dandiplex Stimulates detox of the liver; provides traxacin, an alkaloid in taraxacum (dandelion) has an anti-inflammatory effect
. Echinaplex Echinacea stimulates T and B cell production, as well as intercellular interferon
. Karzan Contains six phytochemicals with immune enhancing, anticancer and viral properties
Lapachoplex Contains naphthoquinone compound which has antiviral properties
Propoloplex Contains astragalus, lapacho, and lomatium, which have antiviral properties
BioActive Homeopathic Combinations
Inflammation II Stimulates drainage and lymph protection against chronic infection
BioActive Homeopathic Detoxifiers
. CVTOX Stimulates immune defense against CMV
. EVTOX Stimulates immune defense against EBV
Metabolism Contains Krebs cycle enzymes; improves cell respiration and utilization of oxygen
Virotox Stimulates detox against various strains of virus
Endocrine Tinctures
Adrenoplex Stimulates adrenal function
. Lymphoplex Stimulates lymph and spleen; promotes B and T cell production
BioActive Homeopathic HP Formulas
Scrofulous-HP Reduces swelling of lymph and lymphatic congestion in chronic viral cases
V-HP Provides relief in chronic fatigue cases due to chronic EBV/CMV secondary to lowered Immune Response
BioActive Homeopathic Phenolic Isodes
Acetylcholine Chloride 5X Improves memory and mental sluggishness
Gallic Acid Beneficial in chronic fatigue
Indole Useful in improving energy; decreases bloating and constipation in chronic fatigue
BioActive Tonics
Lymph II Provides effective drainage of lymphatic; enhances Immune Response; reactivates connective tissue inflammation
BioActive Homeopathic Sprays
. Thymus 2X Activates the T cells against viral infections
. NADH Plus Activates the mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation increasing available ATP units which counteract fatigue and enhance Immune Response
BioActive Nutritionals
Bio-Metabolic Balancer Provides nutritional support for the endocrine system
BioActive Bioprotein Plus Provides thymic peptides for activating natural killer cells against viruses
Notes :
1. Test for CMV or EBV titer, use appropriate detoxifier (CMV or EBV). If both test positively,include Virotox.
2. Stimulate Immune System white cells:
Lymphoplex: also drains lymphatics
Thymus 2X
3. Antiviral aid:
Thymus 2X
BioActive Bioprotein Plus
4.  Cleanse liver:
5. Anti- inflammatory :
Inflammation II
Lymph Tonic II
6.  If chronic fatigue:
Bio-Metabolic Balancer
Metabolism: enhance cellular metabolism
Adrenoplex: support adrenals
7. For initial acute stages of infection use Propoloplex instead of Echinaplex. Echinaplex is appropriate for chronic long-standing infection.
8.  For enhancing ATP production:
NADH plus spray

BioActive Botanicals
  Bayberryplex Contains uva ursi, solidago, horsetail, and other herbs which have a diuretic effect
  Dandiplex Stimulates liver detox; contains traxacin which causes diuresis
. Soliplex Provides solidago and horsetail which stimulate filtration of toxins through glomeruli
BioActive Homeopathic Combinations
  Albuminuriaforce Improves kidney function in chronic renal problems
. Edemaforce Stimulates improved circulation, liver function, and movement of extracellular fluids back into circulation
BioActive Homeopathic Endocrine Tinctures
  Nephroplex Stimulates improved kidney function
BioActive Homeopathic HP Formulas
  Edema-HP For relief of symptoms of tissue swelling and edema secondary to low blood protein as a consequence of chronic liver and/or kidney dysfunction
  LGB-HP For relief of chronic liver and gall bladder dysfunction resulting in buildup of extracellular fluids
BioActive Homeopathic Phenolic Isodes
  Taurine Pronounced stimulatory effect on the flow of bile resulting in improved liver function
BioActive Nutritionals
  Bio-Metabolic Balancer

Provides B complex, magnesium, and protein for making of TP (Total Protein) and albumin in the liver, which are needed to maintain fluid osmosis

  Aminoforce Provides a balanced combination of free form amino acids to assist the liver in production of total protein and albumin
  Notes :  
1.  If heart problem, use additional heart remedies:
2.  If protein problem (nephrotic syndrome):
  Bayberryplex: as herbal diuretic
  Edemaforce: to get interstitial fluids back into circulation
  Soliplex: to flush liver/kidneys
  Dandiplex: to flush liver
3. Use Albuminuriaforce and possibly Nephroplex for chronic kidney problem

BioActive Botanicals
. Cohoshplex I Stimulates improved ovarian function through natural estrogen in the botanicals
Dandiplex Stimulates bile flow, cleansing and detox of the liver, biliary tree and gall bladder
. Echinaplex Stimulates immune function; golden seal contains berberine, a natural antifungal/antibacterial agent

Herbal douche effective against candida and other vaginal organisms

BioActive Homeopathic Combinations
. Drainage Stimulates lymphatic drainage; purifies the blood
Inflammation II Stimulates reduction of chronic inflammation
BioActive Homeopathic Detoxifiers
. FNG Stimulates detox of molds and fungi
FNG 2 Stimulates immune defense against various strains of C. albicans
. Gynetox Stimulates detox of various infective agents from the tubes and ovaries
BioActive Homeopathic Endocrine Tinctures
Ovaplex Stimulates ovarian and uterine function
BioActive Homeopathic Phenolic Isodes
Apiol Relaxes smooth muscle, thus is useful for dysmenorrhea, which often accompanies endometriosis
BioActive Homeopathic Sprays
. Natural Progesterone 3X Sublingual spray of natural progesterone which helps to balance the hormones in females withendometriosis
. DHEA Forte Natural DHEA, pregnenolone, and progesterone sublingual spray provides an anti- inflammatory effect by decreasing interleukin 6 and stimulating T cell activity
RES Balancer Spleen and thymus peptides for enhancing T and B cell activity
Pituitary Forte Sublingual pituitary, hypothalamus, and pineal sarcodes stimulate these endocrine glands; the growth hormones stimulate the pituitary, increasing output of natural growth hormone; growth hormones increase IGF factor, which causes repairs in different areas of the body through stimulation of gene expression
BioActive Homeopathic Oligoelements
Oligo Diathesis V-1 Activates normalization of the hypothalamic/ovarian axis Zinc/copper
BioActive Nutritionals
Bio-Dophilus Forte Provides acidophilus and bifida to change GI tract pH and environment
. Bio-Ovarian Plus Peptides of New Zealand ovarian glands which provide protein repair factors and other cofactors needed by the ovaries for producing its hormones
Bio-Digeszyme P Bromelain, papaya, and protease enzymes provide a powerful anti- inflammatory effect when taken on an empty stomach
. Dios Creme Natural progesterone which provides hormonal balance
Bio-Metabolic Balancer General endocrine balancer
Notes :
1.   Cohoshplex: Hormonal balancer for menstrual disorders
2. Gynetox and Drainage to drain toxins from pelvic cavity
3.  Hydrastisplex Herbal Douche for chronic cervical discharge with the above
4. If suspected candidiasis of pelvic cavity, fallopian tubes:
FNG for first few weeks
FNG 2 following FNG
Dandiplex to cleanse liver
Echinaplex to stimulate Immune System
5. Include Acidophilus )lactobacillus and bifida) in diet, possibly caprylic acid supplement
6.  Many cases of endometriosis exhibit dysmenorrhea: See also “Dysmenorrhea”

BioActive Botanicals
. Dandiplex Stimulates bile flow, cleansing and detox of the liver, biliary tree and gall bladder
. Valeriplex Valerian, hops, and skullcap cause relaxation of the nervous tissue; provides magnesium which reduces the excitability of the nerve membrane potential thus having a calming effect
BioActive Homeopathic Combinations
Cerebraforce Stimulates brain function; stimulates repair of brain from trauma and injury
Colic Causes relaxation of smooth muscle tissue
. Convoforce Relaxes the brain and nervous tissues; decreases the threshold for seizure activity
BioActive Homeopathic Detoxifiers
Vermex Stimulates detox of parasites from nervous tissue
Virotox Stimulates detox of various viruses from the body
BioActive Homeopathic Endocrine Tinctures
. Cerebraplex Enhances brain function, cerebral circulation, oxygenation and nutrient uptake to the brain
BioActive Homeopathic HP Formulas
ANX-HP For relaxation of the nerve membranes; helps decrease frequency of seizures
BioActive Homeopathic Phenolic Isodes
Malvin Natural phenolic pigment responsible for the blue and red color in plants; stabilizes nerve membrane, and decreases nerve membrane excitability
BioActive Nutritionals
Bio-Phasic Hepatatox Provides nutritional support for the Phase I, and Phase II enzymes of the liver
Brain Cell Respirator Provides D-Ribose, NADH, CoQ10, alpha-lipoic acid, phosphytidal serine, N-acetyl carnitine which improves brain cell energy production and chelating of heavy metals from the brain Vaso B 6 Plus Provides B 6 plus other B vitamins for neurotransmitter support
L Taurine Provides stabilizing effect on the brain meninges and helps prevent seizures
Notes :
Check history: if trauma, vertebrae joint may be subluxed.
1. Check for parasites, as their toxins can produce effects on brain (bacterial or viral involvement). Previous infections (i.e. meningitis) may have left residual scarring, or use of antibiotics has left a focal disturbance locked in tissues. Will require bioenergetic testing to determine remedy.
2. Convoforce reduces irritation to nerve tissues. Cerebraplex and Cerebroforce to improve brain function.
3. Dandiplex to cleanse liver.
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