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The worldwide recognition and dissemination of the preparations is attributed to the significant efforts of Dr. Reckeweg & Co. to produce high quality therapeutic specialties. Today, these are valued in more than forty countries – spanning all continents. This success is primarily attributed to the product formulae, which originated and were clinically tested in the course of Dr. Heinrich Reckeweg’s own research.

Achieving this high calibre would have been inconceivable without the most modern production equipment, validated apparatus and production procedures, a stringent quality control system, as well as a highly qualified staff of scientific and technical specialists. Dr. Reckeweg & Co. is an active member of the Federal Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry, with company specialists participating in the Association’s committees.

Recently, and quite prominently, there has been an immense investment in areas of research and development within the scope of homeopathic pharmaceuticals. Strides in the analytical sphere include the compilation of product monographs, which have been prepared in collaboration with the German Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia, upon the German Federal Health Ministry’s request. 

In the past, homeopathy has been a science based primarily on purely empirical data and treatment protocol. Some years ago, in an effort to dispel inconsistency and misbelief between the positive results of homeopathic therapy obtained by countless practitioners and the opposing view of the conventional scientific community, Dr. Reckeweg & Co. established a fundamental research department. The prime objective of this department was to foster the growth, development and scientific validation of homeopathy through experimentation utilizing modern research methodology. Clinical trials of existing preparations are rigorously carried out, in order to extend the current body of knowledge. Standardized statistical procedures and electronic data processing (EDP) assessment have facilitated this process. In accordance with the objective of increasing international scientific awareness regarding the therapeutic action and efficacy of homeopathically prepared substances, extensive research – unrelated to specific products – has also been undertaken. Through the application of standard homeopathic theoretical models, research at Dr. Reckeweg & Co. is directly applicable to other research conducted on national and international levels. 

The results of such exhaustive research have been published in DSR (Department of Scientific Research) reports. Edited to some extent, to make them more comprehensible, these specialized journals are made available to the practitioner and have appeared periodically for some time. Symposiums are organized at regular intervals to allow professionals to keep abreast of the latest research findings in homeopathy and, most importantly, have the opportunity to ask questions and converse with representatives of Dr. Reckeweg & Co.

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