• November 2, 2012
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Alzheimer’s disease causes some portion of the brain to shrink and shrivel.

This leads to loss of memory, difficulty in concentrating and making judgments. And all this in an individual above 65 years of age makes it very difficult to lead a normal life. It is not only the patient who suffers but the whole family is affected.

Such patients’ have to be handled with special care and a lot of patience. They need to be heard and have to be reassured time and again.

The aim of Alzheimer therapy should be to improve the quality of life of the person suffering from it.

Alzheimer’s treatment should include herbal remedies which are known to improve blood circulation to the fine arteries and veins of the brain. These natural products are relatively safe for use in such elderly people.

Most of us consider it a curse to have a family member suffering from Alzheimer’s. That should not be the case. All it needs is a little bit of compassion and empathy from all family members and one can tide over this illness.

Anybody who has had a near and dear one suffering from Alzheimer’s, please help others by sharing your experiences on this blog

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