Amazing Benefits of Gymnema Sylvestre: A Super Herb that’s Anti-Diabetic

Gymnema sylvestre is called Gurmar, which is a Hindi name meaning “destroyer of sugar.” Gymnema sylvestre is truly a wonder herb, which helps to balance kapha and rejuvenate pitta, according to the Ayurvedic science.

When Gymnema sylvestre touches your tongue, it makes it insensitive to sweet taste. You can test its quality yourself. Want to know how..???

Consume a little Gymnema sylvestre; now have a bite of something sweet, like a piece of chocolate or cake. Trust me; you won’t go for another piece. This is because the sugar will seem tasteless and you will feel a bit like a piece of chalk on your tongue (very bland). Thus, it helps to lessen the craving for sweets. This is because its leaves contain gymnemic acids; the major bioactive constituents that interact with taste receptors on the tongue to temporarily suppress the taste of sweetness. Here are some research articles for confirming the property.1, 2, 3

Other names are Gurmarbooti, Gurmari, Gudma, Meshasring, and Mesbasringi.

It is a woody, climbing vine with ovate or elliptic leaves having soft hair on the upper surface. The flowers are bell-shaped, yellow in color.


Health Benefits of Gymnema sylvestre:

  • Helps to reduce the craving for sugar
  • Regulates glucose levels in the blood:

Research suggests that Gymnema sylvestre helps to bring about blood glucose homeostasis through increased serum insulin levels provided by repairment/regeneration of the endocrine pancreas.3

  • Possesses natural anti-inflammatory properties:

A study suggests that Gymnema sylvestre possesses natural anti-inflammatory compounds along with various other health benefits.4

  • Good for improving the functioning of joints
  • Promotes the healthy production of insulin
  • Supports healthy pancreas

Gymnema sylvestre is a complete herb on its own, but adding some other herbs may enhance its effectiveness. Biogetica has utilized this quality and mixed Gymnema sylvestre with other herbs like Syzygium cumini, Tinospora cordifolia, Trigonella foenum-graecum, Momordica charantia, and Asphaltum amongst many other herbs to improve metabolic processes.

To make the most of this amazingly beneficial ingredient with numerous clinically verified therapeutic properties, we’ve included this natural extract in several of our protocols that help support the functioning of various systems of your body. Some of them include:



     2. Endocrine Support Kit

Freedom Kit with Endokrium, AV DIASOL, & FBPC Formula

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