• November 21, 2012
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This blog is a journey of all women trying to get pregnant in the face of various reproductive challenges faced by them.

Getting pregnant has become a baby making business by many, not withstanding the emotional pain and trauma faced by the couple involved.

The cause needs to be thoroughly investigated before starting any treatment.  Infertility could also be secondary to some other underlying disease which needs to be treated at the onset.

The most common cause of Infertility in women is anovulation due to PCOS. In such cases, treatment involves administration of ovulation inducing drugs and monitoring the ovulation procedure.

If the woman is unable to conceive despite ovulating normally and the husband having a desired sperm count, then a hormonal assay needs to be done.

There could be progesterone deficiency which prevents pregnancy from being sustained. Once the cause is ascertained, treatment can be directed accordingly.

Hormonal imbalances can be corrected by synthetic hormones, but they are not advisable as they can cause side effects.

However, herbal products are very effective in regulating these imbalances. These natural remedies work in the safest manner and improve chances of conception.

It’s time we all resort to natural products to battle challenges of reproduction faced by the society.

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