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What is the Ayurvedic Diet

Ayurvedic eating habits have been practiced since ancient times. The Ayurvedic diet focuses on improving your overall health and balancing energy in your body. Ayurvedic nutrition offers customized recommendations for every individual based on their body type. This diet not only improves health but also the brain’s functioning.

Ayurveda, or traditional medicine, is a science. According to this science, the universe is composed of five elements: Vayu(air), Jala(water), Akash(space), Teja[fire], and Prithvi[earth]. The five elements are divided into three types of energy that circulate in the human system. Every dosha has a specific function in the body. The pitta dosha, for example, is thought to regulate hunger, thirst, and body temperature. Vata dosha controls electrolyte balance, movement, and joint function.

Ayurvedic nutrition is based on balancing the three doshas and determining your dominant dosha.

What are the Things That We Can’t eat While Taking Ayurvedic Medicines 

Ayurvedic Diet is a plan of eating. According to dosha, a person must follow specific guidelines for when, what, and how to eat. Some people believe that certain foods are restricted when taking Ayurvedic medicine. It is not true. Foods may be restricted if they aggravate symptoms, not because Ayurvedic medicine is affected. Ayurvedic philosophy states that diseases are the result of an imbalance in the three doshas. Ayurvedic medicine aims to restore balance. It is therefore recommended that you avoid foods that caused the disturbance.

Your Diet Depends On Your Dosha.

  • You should consume cooling and energizing food if you have Pitta dosha. Spices, nuts, and seeds should be avoided.
  • Vata is a dosha that requires warm, moist, and ground food. Avoid dried fruits, bitter plants, and raw vegetables.
  • You should avoid eating heavy foods such as nuts, seeds, and oils if you have Kapha. Avoid heavy foods like nuts, seeds, and oils.
  • All three doshas are prohibited from eating red meat, processed food, and artificial sweeteners. Ayurvedic food is based on healthy, whole foods.

What Are the Benefits of Ayurveda Medicines

Ayurveda, an ancient healing art, is a way of healing. Ayurveda has many healing properties and benefits. Ayurvedic medicine has many benefits.

  • Reduces Stress: Ayurveda is a part of yoga. Yoga and Ayurvedic medicines can help you reduce stress. You can reduce stress and relax by meditating.
  • Helps In Weight Loss: Ayurvedic medicine helps you lose weight without altering your metabolism. Ayurvedic physicians can prescribe diet plans that help with weight loss. Ayurvedic medicine can prescribe a diet plan that will help you lose weight. It helps improve blood circulation.
  • Balances Hormones: Ayurvedic medicine can also Balance Hormones, and regulate endocrine function.

  • Reduces Inflammation: A poor diet can cause inflammation. Ayurvedic medicine helps to cleanse your body and regulate digestion. Herbs such as Ashwagandha, Boswellia, Ginger, etc. Boost Immunity and reduce inflammation. [1]
  • Detoxify Your Body: Ayurveda works holistically to balance the body. Ayurvedic medicine helps to cleanse and rejuvenate the body. All body organs are improved.
  • Reduces the Risk of Disease: A healthy diet, exercise, yoga, and meditation all help to reduce the risk of disease. Ayurveda identifies the cause and uses a natural method to treat it. This will give you long-lasting results. Ayurvedic medicine reduces the risk of disease. [2]
  • Healthy Skin: Ayurvedic medicine is safe and effective, and an Ayurvedic-based diet can rejuvenate skin. Herbs can have cleansing properties that will help your skin to look radiant and young. Nuts, seeds, and other nuts contain omega-3 fatty acid that gives your skin a natural glow.
  • Improves Digestive Functions: Ayurvedic medicine is good for your gut. They help to regulate your digestive system and relieve bloating symptoms.
  • Sleep Improvement: Ayurvedic medicine also regulates sleep patterns. Ayurvedic medicine can be used by people suffering from Insomnia. These medicines are non-habit-forming and help regulate sleep patterns.

Ayurveda Diet For Three Doshas

Ayurveda recommends a diet based on the dosha of your body. Here is an Ayurvedic Diet recommended for three doshas.


What to Eat:

  • Poultry, egg whites, tofu, and milk in small quantities
  • Fruits like oranges, bananas, and melon, as well as pears, pineapples, and melon.
  • Vegetables such as celery, cabbage, carrots, sweet potatoes, and Brussels sprouts.
  • Nuts and seeds, such as flax seeds in small quantities, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds.
  • Legumes such as chickpeas (lima beans), lentils, and kidney beans.
  • Spices such as Cumin and cinnamon, with small amounts of black or turmeric pepper.

Comidas que se deben evitar

Red meat, seafood, egg yolks, buttermilk, sour fruit (such as cherries, papaya, and grapes), beetroots tomatoes, eggplants onions millets brown rice almonds cashews pine nuts walnuts sesame seeds pistachios.


What to Eat:

  • You can eat small amounts of seafood, poultry, and tofu.
  • Dairy products like yogurt and cheese.
  • Fruits such as bananas, blueberries, and ripe sweet fruits. Grapefruit, strawberries, and peaches are also good choices.
  • Vegetables like sweet potatoes, turnips, and carrots, as well as onions, and turnips.
  • Nuts and seeds like almonds, walnuts pistachios chia seeds flax seeds sunflower seeds.
  • Spices like ginger, cumin cardamom cloves oregano black pepper, and thyme.

Comidas que se deben evitar

Red meat, unripe and dried fruits, pomegranates and pears, raw vegetables such as potatoes, tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and mushrooms, black beans, and kidney beans.


What to Eat:

  • Egg whites, poultry, fish, and small amounts of seafood.
  • Goat milk, soy milk, or skim milk.
  • Fruits like apples, pears, and pomegranate. Dry fruits, such as figs and raisins.
  • Vegetables like radishes and okra.
  • Black beans, sunflower seeds, and flax seeds.
  • Herbs like cumin, black pepper, cinnamon, oregano, and turmeric.

Comidas que se deben evitar

  • Red meat, eggs, egg yolks, and shrimp. Sweet potatoes, cucumbers tomatoes, beans, kidney beans, rice wheat cereals cashews pine nuts sesame seeds walnuts.

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