Neem 30 Capsules

Neem is one herb all should be taking today. The leaves of the neem tree are commonly used in medicine in a number of ways, such as oil and dried leaves. Oils are extracted from the leaves to add in...Read More


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The herb, Neem, can be used to boost your immunity as it affects your bodily functions in a number of ways. Biogetica’s Neem supplement is second to none as we use potent, full-spectrum extracts to get you 10x the power of Neem into each capsule. The most pertinent way is that it potentially:

  • Detoxifies your blood, helping your body get rid of impurities that could otherwise be harmful and make you ill.
  • It has high levels of anti-oxidants properties which may help in protecting your body from the damages caused by the free radical attack.
  • Anti-oxidants are also possibly linked with lowering the risk of cancer and heart disease.
  • Neem has anti-fungal properties which may help in preventing the growth of fungal infections in your body.
  • Neem’s anti-viral properties are known to inhibit viruses at an early stage.


Full-Spectrum Neem Extract

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